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Lisa Rife at Anderson Brothers Bank on Broad Street welcomes the Horry County Police officers to the appreciation luncheon held on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Photo by Annie Rigby

Appreciation luncheon held in Loris for men in blue

By Annie Rigby

Anderson Brothers Bank showed their appreciation for the men in blue with lunch on Wednesday, Dec. 9, from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. Lisa Rife, vice president, and Brent Hardee, assistant vice president, along with the staff at the bank welcomed Horry County Police and Loris Police officers offering a relaxing meal of chicken bog with green beans, sweet potatoes, slaw and a roll catered by Ricky Dew of Dew’s Sugar Shack. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with blue icing to represent the officers’ colors was the dessert.

They planned to serve 50-75 officers for lunch, however, some were unable to attend, and the officers took to-go boxes for their colleagues who were responding to calls.

Rife opened the lunch with a prayer from John 15:13, “There is no greater love has no man than he who lays down his life for his friends.” She said, “Police officers spend most of their time working hours dealing with people at their worst.” They are expected to be a warrior, an information booth, a social worker, a guardian angel, a friend and referee just to name a few of their duties. She continued stating that a police officer works shift hours, weekends, holidays and more than 40 hours a week with little recognition for their heroism. She said, “Those are the reasons why we are here today, to give credit where credit is due.”

“We are honored to serve you and to call you our heroes, our friends and our protectors.” She continued, “You go beyond the call of duty, never knowing what each day may hold.” Rife stated that they still risk their lives for ours because that is what God has equipped them to do. She said, “Let’s show them some love.” Each officer smiled, chatted and enjoyed a meal together.

Left to right are Loris Police Chief Gary Buley, Lisa Rife, Officer Steven Brodey and Mayor Todd Harrelson as they enjoy an appreciation meal for the men in blue at the Broad Street Anderson Brothers Bank branch. Photo by Annie Rigby

Jeff Drayton, a K-9 handler, brought his two and a half-year old German shepherd, Gas, to the lunch to receive the appreciation he deserves as well. Gas works with the department helping to search for drugs. Although Gas is young, he comes from Hungary and is working with Drayton with continued training to help with law enforcement.

Each officer thanked the bank employees for their kindness and for thinking of them during the time with added complications due to the virus, continuing to respond to the rising number of calls in domestic violence.

Rife and Hardee invites residents to visit the bank on Thursday, Dec. 24. Santa and his elf will make a visit to the bank between the hours of 9 to noon to say Merry Christmas.

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