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Brandon Harrelson tenders resignation at council meeting

By Annie Rigby

Brandon Harrelson, interim city administrator for the city of Loris, addressed the council after they returned to the regular council meeting after a lengthy executive session where he confirmed his resignation effective Friday, Oct. 16.

Harrelson said, “As you all already know last Monday, Sept. 28, I gave the mayor my resignation;” he continued, “I have received another position at the city of Conway.” He stated that it was a difficult decision, he said, “I love Loris, it’s my home, I wish nothing but the best for the city of Loris.” He stated he is grateful for the opportunity that the city has given him the past three and a half years.”

Mayor Todd Harrelson said, “Over the last three and a half years we’ve seen the city of Loris change and it has changed a lot.” He stated one of the major changes was when Brandon Harrelson came on board at the city and the hard work he put in and his agenda to pursue what is best for the city. The mayor said, “Everybody around here loves Brandon and we hate to see him go, but we wish him the absolute best because he’s a find man and he’s done a fine, fine job.” He further stated that he believes everybody would love to talk him into returning to work for the city sometime soon.

The asset Brandon Harrelson has been to the city other than his smile and friendly manner; he brought the city up to speed with the Hydrology Study that produced the information necessary to make the major repairs to the storm water system and to the lift station rehabilitation. As code enforcement director he was essential in working with owners of dilapidated buildings and housing and working on the landscape in downtown. He was inspirational in the Sportourism project for the Loris Recreation Department (Loris Sports Complex) working closely with Tom Cocke who was the recreation director to design the fields, fencing, wall, renovating the bathrooms/handicap stalls and bringing in Top Gun and NCUSSSA tournaments to the complex. He has spent his Friday evenings and on weekends he volunteered at the tournaments to make sure everything runs smoothly. He cooks the meats on the grill and makes sure the crowd has enough food to go around. Brandon also helped bring Christmas to Loris with the new lights and decorations last year. These are a few items that do not go unnoticed to help the city rum a little smoother.

The mayor said, “We have a plan, it is not a plan we can discuss openly at this point, but Brandon and I have discussed what we would like to do and we do have a plan that will service Loris very well.” This plan is being positively implemented before Brandon leaves; he stated this is not a plan that can be implemented the day that he leaves, preparations need to be made and “cranking now”.

Brandon will continue to be a part of the Loris community he is coaching football at the recreation department and will be involved as he can with volunteer work. 

As we say farewell to Brandon for the positive impact he has made for Loris to progress and to make the residents feel safe from major flooding, to have a park that will bring in teams from other cities and states to visit the city as well as play softball/baseball. We have a big thank you for all the faithful work and dedication Brandon Harrelson has provided the city.

He said, “This was a hard decision, to make a decision take out the emotional attachment and pray about it.” He continued, “When you follow the Lord’s will rather than what you may want, sometimes His plan is bigger and better than your plan.” He said that he will begin with the City of Conway as the Public Works Director. We wish him well, and I as well as the Loris Times has appreciated Brandon for taking time out of his schedule, evenings and weekends to respond to questions to help understand the inner workings of the departments he headed up to be able to report to the public more accurately.

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