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The new logo for Destination NMB, formerly The North Myrtle Beach Chamber & Visitors Bureau.

Chamber changes name to Destination NMB

By Ruben Lowman

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau recently announced they would be changing their name to “Destination NMB” in an attempt to modernize and streamline it for visitors and residents of the area.

The new name is part of a strategy the chamber has been planning for quite some time that will better align the marketing and branding of the organization with forward-thinking and helping to lead the city of North Myrtle Beach into the next stage of its development. The chamber’s new name is intended to provide a visual representation of the message they want to send that the city is a distinct tourism destination of its own and will only continue to grow.

“We are still the chamber, we are also the destination marketing organization and now we have a shorter, direct name that encompasses both,” said president and CEO of Destination NMB, Cheryl Y. Kilday.

Chamber officials said that the key aims that emerged during their discovery process that began in June for a new name was that they wanted to shorten the name to make it more straightforward and create a distinct identity that would distinguish them more from other areas along the Grand Strand.

“Shortening the name and using the initials NMB is modern, forward thinking and appealing,” said Mendel Bell, Destination NMB board chairman. “The use of NMB speaks to our location, differentiates our community and is approachable. This is what the work group felt that was important.”

Destination NMB will be the preferred name for conducting business with existing partners and prospective businesses, while the chamber will keep the “Explore North Myrtle Beach” logo for advertising to potential visitors and to use in marketing materials and online through social media. The organization will continue to roll out different materials over the next few months as they further their progression as Destination NMB, including cards, stationery, signage, email addresses and others.

The chamber created the design for the new logo in coordination with the Miles Partnership, which is the selected agency of record for the organization. They partnered to create the new logo, called Carolina Classic, that uses the palmetto tree and crescent moon of the South Carolina flag to help form the “N” in NMB.

“The name defines our mission, advancing prosperity for the community of North Myrtle Beach which is achieved through being a must visit destination” Bell said.

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