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Chatterbox June 11, 2020

Jan and Fleet JONES so very appreciative of everything and we love you…Diane BELLAMY sending greetings to friend…Janice and Joe CREED so proud of their grandchildren and very pleased they spent several days with them recently…DRIFTWOOD GARDEN CLUB President Sharon Robinson and members designing a nice exhibit at the North Myrtle Beach Main Post Office observing Garden Week…Nice hello card to Callie WISE promoting “real deal with a local feel”…Many thanks for all the excellent “protest” photos Matt MATTHEWS…New North Myrtle Beach City Clerk Alison GALBREATH such a lovely lady who is enjoying her job and our great city…Randall GRAHAM celebrating his 71st birthday on June 4 and the whole gang sends belated greetings to you!!!Eric JEDNAT offering to lend a helping hand…Debbie and Felix SERRA of Mr. G’s Ice Cream & Grill on 17th Avenue South serving the best hamburgers in North Myrtle Beach…Jean McLAUGHLIN and SAM making a trip to the beach on Tuesday to visit her friend and former employer…Janice CREED spending some time back in the hospital last week…Happy birthday to Carlton BELL, Amanda CRANE, Deb MADEY, Linda FUNDERBURK and Sam STEVENS…

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