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Chiefs lose to Tigers 65-49

Head coach Darcie Vincent strategizes with the Chiefs during a timeout. North Myrtle Beach lost 65-49 against Conway Tuesday. Tyree Smith sinks a jumpshot during the team’s brief run on the Conway Tigers in the third period of the home game Tuesday.

The North Myrtle Beach varsity boys basketball team lost to Conway by a score of 65-49 Tuesday in a home game. Due to the Tigers ability to shoot inside as well as 3s, the Chiefs were not able to bring the game to more than 10 despite a couple of good runs at it in the third period, when #5 Tyler Stockdale made some impressive drives to the basket and the rest of the team played sharp defense. Stockdale, who totaled 14 points in the game, came to the bench hyped with hope when Conway had to take a timeout, telling his teammates, “We can do this. We need to get out there and win!”

Conway went through a brief dry spell before returning to moving the ball swiftly, nabbing rebounds, driving the lane or finding the open 3. The team has a couple of players over 6 foot who are also skilled shooters and re-bounders.

“They are a good ball team,” said NMB Chiefs head coach Darcie Vincent. “They play very methodical, unselfish ball. They are one of the best-coached teams in the area. If and when I can, I would basically emulate what they’re doing.”

The Chiefs started sluggishly, which Vincent says has been a problem “I just gotta’ fix.” “When you start off 17-4 (in the first quarter) against a team as loaded as Conway, I like our resiliency in coming back, but when you’re that far down, we’re just not skilled enough to dig out.”

The Chiefs also saw some inspired play in the second period by number 32 Gore-Gause, who sank a 3-pointer as well as helped with rebounds and assists. But the team was also not consistently moving the ball around and finding open teammates. The Tigers made several successful steals and led at half time by a score of 30-15.

“We’re slow in our rotation and not consistently intense,” Vincent said. “We’re still finding our rhythm. Our basketball IQ, we’ve just got to continue to educate and learn. When you’re used to playing one-on-one ball, and not used to movement (in offense), we’re still learning.”