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Clark Parker Announcing run for Auditor

Certified public accountant Clark Parker of Myrtle Beach will officially announce on Friday, Aug. 16, his plans to run for Auditor of Horry County. To win this election,  he will need to win the Republican Primary in June 2020 and the General Election in November 2020. Since this office is on a fiscal year end of June 30, he would not take over this position until July 1, 2021.

“I have been in public practice since 1980. Over 40 years,  I have seen our county explode with population and growth. As I exit my accounting public practice, I look forward to my new duty in public service,” said Parker.

We have, as a firm, have been on the cutting edge of technology and have all our client ‘in the cloud’. This has allowed two CPAs, one in St. Augustine, Florida, for 30 years, and one in Greenville for over 12 years, to work with my firm. Technology has assisted these great team players, even from a dis tant location, to contribute hugely to Myrtle Beach CPAs.

I have served on many Boards and Commissions over the last 40 years and have enjoyed giving back to the community in whatever way I can. On all of these outside services, neither our firm nor myself were paid for these services.

However, the Alumni Center at Coastal Carolina University now bears  our name – the Clark & Marcia Parker Building as the result of a generous gift to CCU from an anonymous donor. We thank him or her for thinking so highly of us!

To win this position, I need your help in three ways.

A. Register to vote if you are not. Know where your precinct is located and when to vote. Encourage your family, friends and co-workers to register and to vote.

B. Make a contribution to my cause.

C. Tell your friends about me and help answer their questions.

I believe that I can carry out the functions of the auditor’s office and get a lot of things done. I have worked with many agencies for years. I will be a bridge to other government agencies Horry County will need to work with.

If you should need anything from me contact me at 843-448-4221.

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