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Josh Todd shares a positive attitude in learning which helps improve retention skills and builds character and life skills for the students at Daisy Elementary School as the new principal.

Daisy Elementary has new Principal

Daisy Elementary saw a change in leadership at the beginning of the school year. Josh Todd welcomed students and staff as the doors opened for the first day of school for the students arriving on Monday, Aug. 19.

He began his career as a classroom teacher at Aynor Elementary School and transitioned over to Palmetto Bay Elementary School as an instructional coach. Todd then moved to Kingston Elementary School as assistant principal.

Last spring he applied for and accepted the position of principal at Daisy Elementary School. He said, “And, here I am today.” Todd does not plan for any major changes to be out as a new principal at a new school. He said, “I think it is important to get in and learn the school and learn the children before making any major changes.” He continued, “I think working together we can see what needs improvements or what is really working, we will go from there to do what is best for our kids.”

Todd graduated from Conway High School and graduated from Coastal Carolina University with his undergrad in elementary education. He said, “I later went back to Coastal Carolina for my gifted and talented endorsement and then received my master’s in educational leadership.” He stated he is proud to be a product of Horry County Schools and give back to the community of schools that gave to him.

He stated that starting out in the classroom he had the opportunity to work in a school with some of his previous teachers that had taught him in elementary school. “One was my third grade teacher who kind of inspired me to be a teacher;” he said, “and then was able to teach some of their children (his teachers) and so forth.” He continued, “So it has been definitely only call them my teachers but now my friends and colleagues.” He says this has been a great experience for him in growing into the person he is now.

Todd says that Daisy Elementary School has a great staff and teachers who have been very welcoming.

He said, “Just having them in the building the days prior to the children coming in the school, their enthusiasm and excitement allows me to feel I am working with a great group of people.

Disciplinary action plays a big part of the success of a school. He said, “We, here at Daisy, believe in building relationships with the students, teaching life skills;” he continued, “not only academic skills but

life skills that help them to be not only great students but great citizens.”

He stated that the teachers have a great understanding of the children, they know the whole child. He said, “I believe building relationships is critical in any situation in being able to arrive to the climate and atmosphere we want for learning for our kids.” He says he is not married and has dedicated his life to the children at school right now. He said, “I am not married yet because I want to focus on the children in the schools.” He continued, “I have learned a lot through the years that I have spent here in Horry County as a student and as a teacher and educator, I think bringing the experiences that I have taken across the district will help me to help students and the families here at Daisy.”

He had the opportunity to read the adult version of Jon Gordon’s book, Professional Development, and purchased his book The Energy Bus is about a boy named George who is a regular kid having a bad day until he gets on The Energy Bus and learns to stay positive and overcome his challenges. In this illustrated adaptation of the bestselling fable, The Energy Bus, takes children on an enlightening and inspiring ride that will positively impact them at school.

 The Energy Bus for Kids shows children how to overcome negativity, bullies and everyday challenges to be their best and share their positive energy with others. When you get kids on The Energy Bus, you’ll infuse their lives with vision, hope, love and positivity. To welcome the teachers back for the 2019- 20 school year he presented each with a copy of the children’s book with a note telling them how excited he is to have them on his bus. He said, “Jon Gordon focuses on staying positive and overcoming challenges and he created intensive rules to overcome the challenges and staying positive.” He wanted to share this book with the teachers so they could share it with the students as a positive reinforcement for the school to succeed. The main message Todd wishes to express is to keep a positive attitude and to be patient with one another as the school year progresses. Daisy welcomes Josh Todd to the school and looks forward to a great year.

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