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Lynn BELLAMY doing a great job delivering Christmas gifts… Michael TOTO being “under the weather” for several days and not feeling up to par… Welcome Debbie PARKS to The Times family… Get well wishes sent to Kathleen DAYVAULT with a lot of love… Linda FUNDERBURK checking Saturday afternoon mail at Main Post Office… Mrs. Mary GAUSE and FAMILY having a line of traffic waiting for those awesome homemade cakes… Patsy Dew COPE just lovely as she is retired, happily married and still singing… Don KELLEY and longtime friend discussing days of Don’s Pancake House and Fat Jack’s Club on the oceanfront and all the wonderful memories… Bill LA MONTE trading beautiful roses for a few papers??? Cathy ALTMAN such a very proud grandmother of an adorable grandson… Mary and Charles PETERSON spending some time at the beach…Mom Christina PRINCE and son Dillon stopping by and congratulations to Dillon on his accomplishments… Bubber SNOW celebrating his 90th birthday with friends at the beach and having dinner at Logans’s on Thursday, December 19… Marlene BENSON doing a fantastic job of decorating her home and yards for Christmas… Jean BOSEMAN and SON taking a long walk and enjoying quality time together in North Myrtle Beach… Bill and Mary TEMPLETON keeping up with the news… Laurie and George ROY celebrating their wedding anniversary this past Tuesday with a delightful dinner for two… Wanda and Jerry WILDER and Alison WILSON and Michael TOTO dining out on Monday night for an awesome dinner… An extra special belated birthday wish going to Sam STEVENS who just celebrated her big day… Bill BATTEN at hospital in Myrtle Beach for several days last week… Dick STEELE at home after over a month’s stay at Grand Strand Medical Center… Craig HILL such an outstanding Little River Rotary Club member who keeps everyone abreast of all the changes and events taking place… Heather BUELL joining the Little River Chamber staff… Sally FLOYD and longtime friend looking forward to getting out and about more in 2020…Anne ELLIOTT attending the All City Choir Christmas Cantata in December… Debbie NICHOLS celebrating her 60th birthday at Duck’s with donations going to benefit The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach to care for the unadopted animals at the local shelter… Marty SLAPNIK promoting the North Myrtle Beach Community Band… Delores THOMPSON always pleasant… Many VISITORS spending New Years’s at the beach…

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