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Beach access ramp is delayed

Previously, we posted that the city would construct temporary handicap ramps at the 8th Avenue North and 12th Avenue North street ends to replace the permanent structures removed to allow for expanded parking.

There is a change of plans regarding construction of a temporary handicap ramp at the 8th Avenue North beach access. The city developed a variety of designs and, unfortunately, they resulted in less than two feet of clearance from the top of the dune to the bottom of the structure. Two feet is the minimum clearance required by SCDHEC. The clearance is dictated by the required incline of the temporary ramp and the required placement of resting areas every 30 feet. The city will have to apply for a SCDHEC permit and replace the 8th Avenue North handicap ramp this winter.

The city is able to install two temporary handicap ramps— one will be installed at 10th Avenue North, which is the closest we can get to 8th Avenue North, and the other at 12th Avenue North.

The 10th Avenue North ramp will be constructed first and work should start this week. It will take about a week to complete. The 12th Avenue North ramp will follow.

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