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Buck Creek Foundation is selling fruits, vegetables

The Buck Creek Foundation is a nonprofit organization for teens and adults with special needs.  Their focus is harvesting independence for people with special needs with a long-term goal of building homes for these young people to be able to live on their own with limited supervision.  They would be responsible for their daily care, chores to keep their homes clean and a work schedule to give them the independence to make the decisions that they can.  Of course some of these young adults will need assistance making difficult decisions, if they are able to manage their money, pay bills and be able to provide the basic every day needs will be a blessing to the founders of this program.  This, of course, is not in any way close to fruition, but is a goal that has been set to make all things possible through God.

At the present time there are six teens/adults who profit the benefits of the foundation; this is a growth of four from last year.  The campers are Shane Altman, Hunter Bibart, Logan Holt, Ethan Holt, Sydney Parnell and Jordyn Suggs. 

The foundation’s board members are Dale Holt, Lori Suggs, Tracy Holt, Kyle Cavallini, Caroline Ewing, Ricky Johnson, Jonathan McKnight, Paula Parnell and Kelly Todd.  There are volunteers who help when they are able and enjoy working with the campers.

The next camp dates begin on Monday, July 15, to Thursday, July 18, open to the public from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to purchase fruits and vegetables.  Prepare to be amazed at how much work these young campers put into the gardening and caring for the plants.  The campers are responsible to assist any visitor to select the fruit, count the fruit and determine the amount of money owed and what change needs to be returned; and they do this with a big smile and a lot of love.

Logan Holt proudly displays a potted plant he cares for

The fresh produce available is cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, squash, zucchini and peaches.  Soon to come is watermelons.  With reasonable prices and freshness the funds help continue to supply the seed and starter plants to build their gardens.

There is a flower wall with beautiful potted plants hung on the fence.  They have decorative terracotta pots, bird feeders and pot hangers for sale.  Many of the items they have for purchase are made by the campers as they enjoy bringing out their creativeness through these projects.

Buck Creek is a nonprofit organization that profits on donations and the purchase of the campers projects.  Visit their website www.buckcreekfoundation.org/, donations are accepted online.  The Buck Creek Foundation is currently seeking donations and volunteers to bring the dream of a place for special needs teens and adults to build a lifetime of achievement and a feeling of fulfillment.

Drop by to meet this great group of campers and volunteers. It will bring enrichment to your heart as you leave with a bag filled with fruit and vegetables as the campers escort the customer to their car and may get that big smile and “I love you”.  The address is 4370 Monroe Street in Loris.

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