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Students learn how to add plants, rocks and other items to the terrarium.

Budding Ecotots are fast becoming good gardeners

By Mary Templeton

It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood on Friday, Nov. 15. The ECOTOTS in Mrs. Holloway’s kindergarten class at Ocean Drive Elementary School learned they could bring a garden inside.

With guidance from Graceann Phillips, several Yaupon Garden Club (YGC) members helped the students build their very own classroom terrarium. Each child was given an opportunity to add rocks, dirt and finally his/her plant to the terrarium.  They were immensely pleased with the completed project and will enjoy watching their plants grow throughout the school year. 

In addition, Mary Templeton provided each student with a hands-on booklet entitled “Clean and Green” to review the many ways they can “Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle.” Later, the students were invited outside to plant their very own pansy in the ECOTOT Garden.

Tina Sclafani instructed the students on the correct way to plant their pansy and Belinda Roy provided a marker with each child’s name on it so they will be able to identify their pansy. YGC members were on hand to provide one-on-one assistance with this project. These Budding Ecotots are becoming quite the gardeners.

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