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Chatter Box

Congratulations to Lawton DEWS on his recent recognition proclaiming his day in the city!!!… Phillip GEORGE off to the bank and Walmart to take care of church business… Julie HUNGERFORD sending special “Happy New Year” message… Brian TITUS always sharing those delicious baby apples… Local Santee Cooper EMPLOYEES up and out early last Thursday morning getting the job done for the new Taco Bell at Second Avenue North… Cathy HONEYCUTT enjoying her Christmas holidays in Charleston with friend… Mayor Marilyn HATLEY always taking a great photograph and Pat DOWLING is an awesome photographer… Jean BOSEMAN pleased about her birthday photo being published in the local community newspaper… Judy CORLEY ready to move back to the beach where she calls home… Dick BLACKBURN up and out early enjoying breakfast with his friends… Your grandmother needs you to help her Ruben LOWMAN… Love your Christmas and New Year 2020 card Vanna WHITE, John, Nikko and Gigi!!!… Clark PARKER visiting North Myrtle Beach and sharing some great ideas… Mickey HOUGH checking her mail and chatting with Lynn about delivering a message… Kathy McCOY sending greetings to friend… So glad Mama BULLARD is doing better… Lent WILLIAMS pleased with his selection of ties for Christmas… Happy 85th birthday to Dick HESTER next Tuesday… Margie DOWLING adding a year on Wednesday… Debbie BROWN such an effective employee of the city of North Myrtle Beach… Gibson ALTMAN looking good in the arms of Santa for his 2019 Christmas card… North Myrtle Beach City Manager Mike MAHANEY making the call to get the job done…Janice CREED such a strong lady…Wanda WILDER ordained as an Elder in Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church in North Myrtle Beach…  Randall GRAHAM making his Oscar winners list for this year and making some good choices…  Welcome SHAGGERS to the Mid-Winter SOS beginning today in North Myrtle Beach… Dirty JOHN’S coming to Main Street in North Myrtle Beach… Brian TITUS surprised with some old time music… TACO BELL moving right along with their Second Avenue North location in the city… Lynn BELLAMY creating some unusual and colorful designs… ART BURGER & SUSHI expanding to North Myrtle Beach… Merideth SMITH attending January Driftwood Garden Club meeting at the Blockade Runner… Sue BURGESS working at her office on Sunday afternoon… Hope you are much better by now Juddie BACOT…

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