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Welcome SHAGGERS to the beach for your SOS Spring Safari as it starts today in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach…Joan and Ed VAITIS and that very much loved great-grandson stopping by for a visit on their way to teach a CPR class…Everyone so happy to see Izzy WEST last week…Pete BROOKS lending a helping hand and always doing an awesome job for the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce…Angela SEDDINGER taking good care of business at Grand Strand Realty…Karen EDENS attending last Thursday night’s Business After Hours for NMB Chamber…Debbie SERRA at Mr. G’s so pleased they are open for another wonderful season in North Myrtle Beach…LoVE Pet Clinic owner Michelle LoPINTO expressing appreciation for donations to Murder Mystery Dinner/Fundraiser held at the Brentwood…Michael TOTO making all those delicious homemade dishes and graciously sharing them… North Myrtle Beach High School Athletic Director Joe QUIGLEY so very helpful in sharing the school’s sports information… Eileen FOX and daughter CANDY celebrating Eileen’s birthday in fine fashion…Rep. William BAILEY doing an outstanding job of helping those who contact him for assistance…Craig HILL promoting upcoming events being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Little River…Michelle LoPINTO stopping by for a visit and catching up on all the news…Photographers Brittany CALLAHAN and Morgan LIVINGSTON keeping very busy shooting photos for their clients…Juddie BACOT so very thoughtful in remembering her friends…Lois WATKINS spending her birthday with family and friends in Longs and North Myrtle Beach…Sure hope you are feeling much better by now Janet THOMAS…Sally FLOYD lending a helping hand on local project of great interest to everyone…Anne ELLIOTT telling it like it is about preserving Ingram Dunes…Dr. Jim MEZICK such a wonderful Christian gentleman who really means so very much to his longtime news friend…Wanda and Jerry WILDER just returning from a three week awesome vacation visiting several countries…McLeod Loris Seacoast communications manager Jennifer HULON always doing an outstanding job for McLeod Health’s publicity…Jaylen SMITH turning 12 years old today and have a great birthday!!!Shannon BELLAMY adding a year next Tuesday and being wished a very happy birthday from her family…Happy birthday to Janet BATES, Harry KARATES, Dean PREVETTE, Virginia ALLEN, Paula LYNCH, Patty THOMPSON, Marcia HANSCONE, Karla LONG and Berk ALTMAN…Anniversary wishes to Lynda and Bruce FOWLER, Lovetta and Gerald PHILLIPS, Laura and Frank VALLONE and Angela and Russell FRAZIER… Angel RABON looking for singers to join the North Myrtle Beach All City Choir… Happy birthday to Alison WILSON on Sunday… George FOX delivering delicious food to late night employees… Lynn BELLAMY picking up a lot of trash from next door neighbors… Carol OLIVER and FAMILY spending Easter holidays at beach house… Get your tickets now for “A Night Under the Stars,” which is a benefit to SAVE INGRAM DUNES, and will be held this Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. at the North Myrtle Beach Area Historical Museum… Happy birthday to Mason GRIFFIN…

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