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Kelly DYER serving as activity director at River Park Senior Living…Congratulations and a very happy 100th birthday on Friday, August 16, to Mrs. Rose HERRING!!!Clark PARKER up in North Myrtle Beach area last weekend and stopping by to share his future political plans with news people…Get well wishes being sent to Mark SMALL from Mom Donna and a lot of friends…Special prayer button made by Kay MADDOX still being used daily…Eileen FOX and daughter Candy stopping by to say hello on a lovely Thursday afternoon…Cathy HONEYCUTT keeping a regular check on her “old” friend…Greetings to Craig HILL and Jackie ANDREWS…Lynn BELLAMY proud of his first grandson, Cameron Matthew BELLAMY, and congratulations to mom Makayla and Grandma Stacey!!!Sue BURGESS giving husband a special occasion shirt with a little “Minnie Pearl” flavor to it???Grandparents Diane and Sonny BELLAMY so very proud of handsome grandson, Asher VEREEN who really grew some huge delicious tomatoes and shared them with longtime friend…Get well quick wishes being extended to Charlie DIETRICK as he undergoes shoulder surgery next week…Happy birthday to Greg HEMBREE, Jeff CHESTNUT, Kelly ANDERSON, David SOUDERS, Bill WEST, David WOLFE, Chuggy VEREEN, Billie Dove GORE, Ruth Anne ELLIS, Herman HOLMES, Alyssa DAYVAULT, Thomas ALTMAN, Ethan BELLAMY, Dee Powers COCHRAN, Jacob BARR, Stephanie Ward MATTHEWS, Lawrence LANE, Alena Jo STEELE, Vivian SKIPPER, Dana LEWIS, Jim STRILLACCI and Kitty D’ANGELO…Anniversary wishes to Shirley and Karl SIMON, Tara and Frank HESTER, Lori and Wayne WHITE, Ruth and Dan SMITH and Elisabeth and Jim STRILLACCI…Laurie ROY and FAMILY heading down south to spend a few days vacationing before school starts next Monday…Grey BRENDLE’S article on The Pad getting a lot of exposure and “back in the day” great compliments…Artist Becky STOWE talking about Ocean Drive and the shag when she first chose OD as her home…DUCK’S on Main Street getting a facelift…Cathy and Dayton ALTMAN very proud grandparents of their first grandchild…Patsy DUNCAN’S neighbor learning how special Patsy has been to our city…Hello to Rosa and Jim STADICK…Sure hope you are feeling much better these days Bill WALKER…Joyce LONG stopping by for a visit…Ray SKIDMORE in North Myrtle Beach for a few days in reference to a certain project…

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