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Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend EVERYONE…Many thanks to YAUPON GARDEN CLUB for the attractive 2019-2020 yearbook with a lot of useful information in it…Get well wishes and lots of love being sent to an extra special sister, Helen “Boots” SMITH, who means so much…TACO BELL coming to former Tilghman Insurance building spot at corner of Highway 17 North and Second Avenue North in city…A Discount Tire STORE going to be built on the former Bob Evans Restaurant property…Vivian and Billy SKIPPER spending a mini-vacation in Florida recently…John SMITHSON out and about and stopping by to check on his stories…Alison WILSON providing lunch for all on Tuesday…Tommy LONG waving to those passing by the former Helen and Vance Kinlaw store on the beautiful historic waterfront in Little River…Lent WILLIAMS and TEAM doing such a fi ne job for the city as they begin in the very early morning hours…Thanks to Ray SESSIONS Jr. for his information shared…Carolyn HARRIS getting a new roof on her lovely home…Pam MANESS hurrying home to get that great help from husband Ron with trimming the hedges…Carrie LIVINGSTON extending a very special greeting…Delicious sandwiches Carol OLIVER and thanks…Kathleen and Wayne DAYVAULT always remembering others with their kindness and generous surprises…Clifford HACKFORD keeping close check on progress of Possum Trot Golf Course and upcoming proposedh changes for the area…BOB JONES RESTAURANT in Highway 17 North in North Myrtle Beach completely torn down last week after being closed for a long time…Dee Powers COCHRAN celebrating large birthday with a big party???Margie DOWLING keeping close check on her beach friends and looking forward to her return to this area…Happy birthday to Merideth SMITH, Rogers WALKER Jr., Preston LEWIS, Dick TIMMERMAN, Sue O’NEILL, Allison WARD and Lynne BELL…Anniversary wishes to Heather and Joey PHILLIPS, Virginia and Roy BRADLEY and Marcia and Warren WALKER…Danny KNIGHT is the guest speaker for the North Myrtle Beach Republican Club’s September meeting…Susan and Hunter PLATT visiting Charleston for several reasons this week…Gregg BARNHILL making a special phone call in reference to much needed items for beach accesses…

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