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Phyllis ROUNTREE always so gracious and complimentary…Happy birthday today Jake HOLMES!!!Barbara COFFEY always so interesting to talk with…Tami BLAND doing some spooky Halloween decorating at the newspaper office???Happy belated birthday to Emma WILLIAMS in Parma, Ohio…Jim GRAINGER answering the call of duty for so many garden club members and friends and thanks a lot…Many thanks to Izzy WEST who is just the best…Jennifer WALTERS keeping busy with Little River Chamber of Commerce events…Get ready to vote in the city’s General Election on Tuesday, November 5…Sincere congratulations to Gina JOHNSON of Little River on being a big winner recently on Wheel of Fortune!!!Ginny COOPER doing an awesome job on Driftwood Garden Club news and photos…David HAWES fixing artistic base for eyecatching frame for the very beautiful Paul Harris Fellow Award and returning it by special delivery early on Monday morning…Susan PLATT and Cathy ALTMAN getting some much needed painting done…A great big thanks to Robert TURNER and EMPLOYEES for getting a much needed eyesore cleaned up…Mike MAHANEY always making sure the job is done and we thank you…Love that “typing” typewriter Carol OLIVER!!!Sherry BARNES sharing lot of goodies with friends…Travis WILLIAMS feeling much better now…Special thanks to each of the LITTLE RIVER ROTARY CLUB MEMBERS for the early morning surprise…Did we forget to call Matt WATKINS with printing information???Alan ROWLAND making many visits to check out situation…Debbie BROWN one of a kind very special lady…

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