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Great rendition of “Happy Birthday” being sung by Charlene LYNAM???Hats off to Susie WATSON, SANTA’S ANGELS, Regatta COMMITTEE and ALL who helped with the 35th Annual Intracoastal Christmas REGATTA featuring 35 decorated boats held last Saturday floating down the waterway from Little River to North Myrtle Beach!!!Grandsons RUBEN and REEVES making Grandma Polly’s special day so much more special…Margie DOWLING and her mother, Mrs. Vera TIPTON, enjoying an awesome Thanksgiving this year with Margie’s son John and his family visiting them in Alabama…Norfleet JONES sharing delicious pecan and chocolate homemade pies…Jean McLAUGHLIN in Las Vegas celebrating her daughter’s birthday and making happy birthday call back to beach to her friend on her birthday…Bernard HARRIS spending several days in area visiting family and friends and catching up to date on events, changes and happenings…Sam STEVENS stopping by for a visit and receiving a special red ornament…Tim BULLARD and PEACHIE hanging out in cold country…Thanks to Scott ELLIS and Ty BELLAMY for delicious pie and all loving visit from Ruth Anne and Scott…Mike LITTLE making that time of the year call…Judy CORLEY ready to return to her future home-North Myrtle Beach???Michael TOTO getting some new recipes…Robby LOWMAN finding such an adorable news stand ornament…Eileen FOX out and about delivering special day lovely card and thanks…North Myrtle Beach POST OFFICE having just the best employees ever…Trevor BLAND feeling much better now after being under the weather for a few days…Dick STEELE still a patient at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center…Make plans to attend the North Myrtle Beach CHRISTMAS PARADE on Friday evening…Ruth and Brian TITUS making a rainy visit but getting the job done…The Reverend Lawrence WILLOUGHBY always thinking of others and lending a helping hand…Toni Arbott LONG having a birthday on Friday…There will be a Colonial Charter Christmas golf cart PARADE on Sunday, December 8, starting at 4 p.m. for all homeowners…Thirty-five beautifully decorated BOATS traveling down the waterway such a lovely sight on just the perfect night…Jane and Tom HILDERBRAND’S home all aglow for the annual Christmas Regatta…Pete BROOKS dressed up for the Barefoot Landing golf cart parade…Thanksgiving holidays drawing a huge crowd to the beach to celebrate the weekend where lots of events took place for the LOCALS and TOURISTS…Check out the awesome decorated Christmas trees at the North Myrtle Beach Area Historical MUSEUM and say hello to Cathy ALTMAN and Delores THOMPSON…George ROY delivering delicious food to working newspaper staff on Tuesday…Marlisa SMALL such a very beautiful lady who is blessed with a beautiful voice…Gerri McDANIEL lining up entry for Friday’s Christmas Parade…Big surprise awaiting Vivian SKIPPER…

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