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Tony CHERNEY such a well informed gentleman who enjoys running his Hamburger Joe’s in Surfside… Barbara COFFEY and Albert WHELESS looking forward to Valentine’s Day… City Manager Mike MAHANEY keeping a very busy schedule working and attending meetings and always doing a great job… Robin and Ralph BEAN such a wonderful and happy couple… Representative William BAILEY representing his District 104 well in Columbia… Jodi KINKEAD and Alison WILSON shooting pool on the same team… Mayor Marilyn HATLEY sharing some very good advice with longtime friend who took that information seriously… Patsy DEW still on cloud nine and happily looking forward to the big day??? So good to see George BESSENT and sister Marcella early Monday morning… An extra special happy birthday to Albert WHELESS on Friday from his friends… Carolyn HARRIS visiting North Myrtle Beach on Tuesday for a late lunch… Shirley and William EGGERS such a delightful couple who enjoys their time spent at the beach… Kitty D’ANGELO always working hard for the North Myrtle Beach Pilot Club… So good to see Patti and Mike HILTON and chat about back in the day… Joseph FOSTER visiting South Carolina for Gaming Show Convention… Gus GARRISON and Beverly CARROLL keeping in touch with their friends while they are touring Thailand and China with great photos… Horry County Treasurer Angie JONES going to speak at the 7 p.m. February 14 North Myrtle Beach Republican Club meeting… Damien TRIOULEYRE keeping public posted on status of Ingram Dunes preservation project… Joyce LONG stopping by for a wonderful visit… Robby LOWMAN taking a few days for some much needed relaxation… Little River Chamber of Commerce EMPLOYEES enjoying their new office… Randall GRAHAM so pleased Hoskins is opening for the season on Tuesday…Shorty RICHARDSON still helping Russell Burgess family after many years of dedicated service… Happy birthday to Will JONES, Sande CARROLL and Gina FOSTER… A special happy birthday today to Mike MAHANEY… Anniversary wishes to Kim and Anthony VEREEN and Cyndie and Jeff CHESTNUT…

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