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We hope your family is much better by now Shannon SMITH as prayers have been said for you… A great big round of applause for William BAILEY for all the great things he is doing for our area and its residents… Patsy COPE with such a beautiful voice singing at the senior center on Monday… Nancy Dare BENNETT such a very special person who is loved a lot by her friends… Cleo STEELE at home after an overnight stay in the hospital but bed rest is required for her… Get well wishes being sent to Liz PETIT and Blakeney JACKSON for quick and complete recoveries… Hello to Kathleen  and Veto KEPENIS… Love the North Myrtle Beach CHAMBER of COMMERCE thanks note with all the signatures on it!!!… Sure hope you are feeling much better Dayton ALTMAN… Judy CORLEY checking out homes in North Myrtle Beach… BRENDA, JAKE, TONY and REEVES remembering grandma with an awesome Christmas gift… George ROY returning altered trousers back after nice alterations are made… Happy birthday to Marlena BENSON, Howard JOHNSON, Susan HUNT, Louise WOOD, Ed CHERMAK, Loretta RUFF, Diane RUMLEY, Barbara WHITE, Sylvia KENNEY, Wilma MOWERY, Dusty BATTEN, Donna STRATTMAN, Rogers WALKER, Alfred FRANKS, Garrett RAMSBOTTOM, Hubby BELLAMY, Allison HENDRICK, Hank THOMAS, Joey FOSTER, Kathy FOSTER, John, “Jimmy” BROWN, Taylor WHITE, Jean McLAUGHLIN, Dwayne BATES, Jerome WALKER, Myke YERKEY, Amelia HATLEY, Eileen EDGE, Anthony VEREEN, Andrew KEIBLER, Sam STEVENS and Blakeney JACKSON… Anniversary wishes to Steve and Diane RUMLEY, Michael and Emily CRAIG and Shirley and John “Jimmy” BROWN…

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