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Lenton YATES sending “hello” to a very, very longtime customer of Hoskins on opening day last Thursday…Charlene and Dan LYNAM taking a long weekend trip to celebrate their very special anniversary…Charlie DIETRICK off to Florida to check out the living and events there…Dolly McDERMOTT is ready for you to become a sponsor of the upcoming Purses with Purpose charity event…Jeri McCUMBEE is again serving as chairperson of the Purses with Purpose community fundraiser…Get well wishes and a lot of love being sent to Jan JONES who is nursing a broken wrist…Everyone is so proud of Lillian FREEMAN and her many accomplishments during her high school years…Juddie BACOT feeling much better these days and thanks a lot for the friendly bear…Eileen FOX delivering those Valentines on that special day and thanks…Trish MAHANEY baking the best cakes ever and sharing that heart-shaped awesome chocolate cake with friends…Kathy McMANUS just looking as lovely as always and such a pleasant lady and happy son Bobby is moving to this area…Dick BLACKBURN remembering his friend on Valentine’s Day…Jennifer REED such a wonderful mother who has three awesome children who are loved so much by their special friend and many thanks for the Valentine candy…Sure hope you are feeling much better now Mary TEMPLETON and thanks for the nice thoughts…Kayla BRACEY looking so good as she stops by to take care of company business…Delores THOMPSON always going the extra mile to help when needed…Betty MAUNEY taking care of the office on Presidents’ Day…Jessica VAITIS and others working on big event for Little River…Tina HUNTER, STAFF and VOLUNTEERS doing an awesome job at the North Myrtle Beach Animal Shelter where the animals are always happy and well cared for…Get well and feel better wishes going out to Vivian SKIPPER…Out of town VISITORS enjoying walking through Ingram Dunes and discovering all the hidden beauty and history…Lawrence WILLOUGHBY stopping by to check on his friends…Charlie DEITRICK no longer a local resident but making his new home at The Villages in Florida…A great big thanks to Jim GRAINGER for all the work done at the local museum…Jodi KINKEAD keeping busy working for Dr. White…A lot of love going out to lovely Connie KARL and husband Billy…So glad to see Joanna GRECO again after her retirement several months ago…Sue BURGESS doing her Sunday afternoon work at office…TACO BELL putting signs up and planting shrubbery preparing for that middle of March opening date…Lynn making sure GIRLS at Conway National Bank get their papers…Izzy WEST always getting things done so efficiently…Happy birthday to Trish MAHANEY, Milford POWELL, Brenda JEDLISKA, Emily CRAIG, Don SMITH Jr., Virginia BRADLEY, North Myrtle Beach TIMES, Dan SMITH, Hunter SESSIONS, Rex KEIBLER, Myisha BELLAMY, Shaina KEIBLER and Earline Evans WOOD…Anniversary wishes to Lynda and William BOOKER…

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