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Bill BENNETT arriving at just the right time to run a very special errand for longtime friend and many thanks for your help…Cleo STEELE always remembering her friends…Hayleigh VEREEN being such a good girl when she had an ear procedure done and everyone is so very proud of her…Barbara COFFEY checking on her beach friends…A big CROWD still filling Main Street in North Myrtle Beach after the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was canceled last Saturday…Spring officially begins today meaning “SPRING HAS SPRUNG”…Grandma glad to have Ruben LOWMAN and Andrea MAESTRE helping out at the newspaper…EVERYONE looking for better days for so many reasons and so glad the Spring season is finally here…Emma WILLIAMS keeping in touch with down south family…Debbie PARKS and MOTHER enjoying growing beautiful flowers…Gerri McDANIEL closing Victory office in Myrtle Beach and staying close at home during these dangerous days…A great big hello to Westie VAUGHT with lots of love…Congratulations to Yaupon Garden Club MEMBERS on winning nine Coastal District awards!!!Some Spring BREAKERS cutting their vacations short at North Myrtle Beach this year…Happy birthday to Nora Hembree BATTLE, Susan Pardue MACDONALD, Bill WARD, Armida HRUSKA, Reta BAILEY, Wayne DAYVAULT, Hunter HOLMES, Carla Bell JOYE, Cody FOSTER, Phillip THOMPSON, Bridgett DICKSON, Huston TODD and Dion BELLAMY…Anniversary wishes to Joellyn and Keith GURGANUS and Gwyn and Tom O’DARE…

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