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Jean BOSEMAN such an intelligent lady who cares about the welfare of others…Sarah BROWN sending nice message to newspaper to “keep up the great work” and the team thanks you…Dr. Mike MILLS effectively explaining how to be safer in today’s coronavirus pandemic…Angie KRALL sending message to take care and stay well from Thomas Realty…Emma WILLIAMS, Scarlet, Madison and Kimmy taking one day at a time in Parma, Ohio, until we get through these scary times for everyone…Susan PLATT having so many great ideas to share for the area…Cleo and Dick STEELE will soon be moving back to Ohio to be close to their family due to health reasons and friends sad to see them leaving the beach but they understand why…Thanks to principal Vivian HARTLEY at Waterway Elementary School for her help with the newspapers last Thursday…The North Myrtle Beach CHAMBER of Commerce Convention and Visitors Bureau has postponed their Annual Awards Gala set for Saturday, March 28, at 21 Main…The Purses with Purpose EVENT scheduled for Thursday, April 2, has been postponed until a later date…Joyce THOMAS sending a stay healthy message and prayers to everyone at The Times…North Myrtle Beach Police Chief Gregory PURDEN resigning from city with Friday being his last day of work…Lawrence BADGER preparing to go back to New York after spending time in North Myrtle Beach…Randall GRAHAM holding down the fort at the hotel on an empty Tuesday afternoon…Pat DOWLING always giving helpful information and news… Ruth and Brian TITUS taking COVID-19 very serious and practicing all the safety habits daily…Kathleen and Wayne DAYVAULT checking on their friend…Let us hear from you Cathy HONEYCUTT…Support the local BUSINESSES during these slow  days to help them get through the hard days…Captain Patrick “Smiley” KELLY reporting on  the fishing along the waterway…

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