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Margie DOWLING keeping in touch with her wonderful and caring North Myrtle Beach friends…On Wednesday, March 25, GOVERNOR HENRY McMASTER announced via Twitter he is requesting all out of state visitors to South Carolina planning a stay of two or more nights self-quarantine for two weeks immediately upon arrival…Horry County Republican Party State Executive Committeewoman Gerri McDANIEL keeping all informed of updates on state regulations… Bill LA MONTE always keeping a watch out for news and photos…A great big thanks to city manager Mike MAHANEY for his awesome photos…Tim BULLARD and Peachie having a shagging good time on a rainy afternoon in Allentown…Local House of Representative member William BAILEY checking on the needs of his constituents daily…SAM’S PLACE serving daily lunch to feed those of us who do not cook…Charlene LYNAM finding the correct answer and all needed photos to complete the project…Sally FLOYD getting her “Easter Blessings” out early to friends…Matt WATKINS always getting real late night or very early morning calls???Andrea MAESTRE hoping that her friends living in Europe, Wendy BAQUERO in France and Ruth OTERO in Germany, will be safe throughout their quarantine lockdown over the next couple of weeks…Vanessa BARRAZA receiving well wishes from her special friend and local star photographer…Ruben LOWMAN and Andrea MAESTRE making speial announcement sometime in the very near future???The Times STAFF hoping everyone will be safe and extending blessings to all…Happy birthday to Eileen FOX, Tami BLAND, Stephanie Sharrer WALLER, Jeff WHITE, Peggy ANDERSON, Barbara WALKER, Drew TILGHMAN, Nancy HIGH, Jerry STANALAND, Sharon WARD, Pam MANESS, Jeanette PRITCHARD, Tom O’DARE, Allan WATKINS, Blair LONG and Elizbeth WATSON…Anniversary wishes to Jo Ellen and Eugene SELLERS and Robin and Mickey SHELTON…Dawn BRYANT doing a great job for Tidelands Health securing over 2,000 community sewing volunteers…Dick BLACKBURN due a great big thanks for his help this week…

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