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Happy Valentine’s Day today to EVERYONE!!! Beach friends wishing hometown girl Vanna WHITE a very happy birthday this week… The Reverend Lawrence “Larry” WILLOUGHBY such a caring and understanding person who helps so many people in so many ways… Connie ROSS-KARL taking excellent care of all the senior queens and looking forward to many of them visiting this area… Donna SMALL always so very pleasant to chat with remembering her years working at local law offices and learning so much… Sharon KNOTT taking care of business and talking about life at the beach many years ago… JUST ASK HAL making late night service call to take care of email and computer problems and we thank you very much… Margie DOWLING at beach for several days keeping busy visiting her extended family and friends and looking like “Ms. Alabama”… Allen WATKINS and friend Peggy eating seafood at Calabash and stopping by to visit his aunt… Julia HUNGERFORD looking forward to receiving the newspaper all year… Congratulations to Jerry WILDER on his “big buck” hunting trip in Texas!!! Patti HILTON sharing those Wild Wing Cafe delicious homemade treats… Many thanks to Debra DAVIDSON for nice comments about newspaper…Wayne DAYVAUGHT sharing those great “Two Peas In a Pod” pens with friends… Marlisa SMALL doing such an awesome job helping all those who need help in so many ways at Marlisa’s Wig Studio and Day Spa in Little River… Happy second anniversary to Cody FOSTER-SANDERS and Ken FOSTER-SANDERS… Tim BULLARD shoveling six feet of snow in Allentown??? A great big thanks to all the BUDS and BLOOMS EMPLOYEES for their lovely artistic work… Happy 25th wedding anniversary wishes to Charlene and Dan LYNAM on Valentine’s Day!!! Happy birthday to Margaret GRAHAM, Donna BELSKI, Albert WHELESS, Dusty BATTEN, Jonelle ADCOCK, Heather PHILLIPS, Amanda CHANCEY, Traci WORLEY, Wanda WHITE, Don SMITH Jr., Hunter SESSIONS, Norfleet JONES, Jeanette BELL, Tristan BLAND, Chris LONG, Debbie SERRA, Frank BOULINEAU and Earline Evans WOOD… Happy anniversary to Paula and Herbert WHITE, Judy and Dick HESTER and Patricia and Jim HARRISON…

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