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Susie WATSON joining the ranks of retirement tomorrow and everyone wishing her the very best of everything as she adapts to her slower non-working life…Cindy HERMS arriving just in time to get things back up to current status…Jean BOSEMAN receiving special delivery Mother’s Day card last Friday afternoon…A great big thanks to Felix SERRA for adding a lot of blue color to a much needed item…Jean McLAUGHLIN going to be a wonderful mom to her new family addition…Sally FLOYD such a thoughtful person…Jenean TODD always remembering her friend at the beach on holidays and thanks for the beautiful cards and messages…Debbie RITTER such a hard working member of the North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club and a lovely person…So very glad to hear about Bryce SOLES as he is working at Meadowlands Golf Course, living in the beach area and happy as can be…Senator Greg HEMBREE back in session in Columbia for a few weeks…Wayne BEAM such a great gentleman…Damien TRIOULEYRE checking out the”Sea Mountain Swamp”???Barbara COFFEY and “Sugar” doing fine these days…Hello to Juddie BACOT… Cleo and Dick STEELE will soon be moving back to Ohio to be closer to their family now that things are opening back up…Renee HEMBREE such a very special lady…Lawrence LANE and Lynn BELLAMY cleaning up the limbs and leaves to improve the area…James GAUSE keeping his towing trucks busy on the road…Randall GRAHAM looking forward to adding a year in June…Harold WORLEY celebrating his birthday last week…

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