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Remember to honor those who have served and are serving on Monday as we observe MEMORIAL DAY under the most unusual conditions ever…Faye BELLAMY so very proud of granddaughter Emma ending the school year for her third grade students with a drive-by treat from the ice cream truck last Saturday ending at the First Baptist Church of North Myrtle Beach…Frances PELLETIER off to spend a few months up north and then will return to the beach for a few months during “snowbird“ season…A lot of local BUSINESSES back open after weeks of closure and some not back in the groove as yet…Randall GRAHAM so glad to be moving back home to Loris since being at the beach since February due to the COVID-19 pandemic…North Myrtle Beach AQUATIC & FITNESS CENTER opened Monday on a limited basis to current AFC members only…Senator Greg HEMBREE getting those nice blue signs put out…Mayor Marilyn HATLEY looking lovely in her white outfit as she presided over the North Myrtle Beach City Council during their Monday night meeting…John SMITHSON always pleasant and friendly and doing well these days but missing the sports events that are usually in full swing by now…David HATLEY being sent a great big hug from his friend Polly along with a lot of get well wishes…Happy birthday to Archie “Captain Poo” McLAUGHLIN, Hal PRICKETT, Michael BOOKHOUT, Glenda GORE, Joe DEW, Tyler DAYVAULT, Lori WHITE, Dan DEW, Robbin Vereen KING, Beth HAVENS, Brett BOOKHOUT, Carolyn SCABERY, Linda BRASWELL, Ben HUNT, Pam WALTERS, Betty EDWARDS, Penny PITSINGER, Sharon BAKER, Victoria EVANS, Frank BAKER, Phyllis GREEN, Jeanne HENDRIX, Tina SCLAFANI, Phillip GEORGE, Bubby VEREEN, Justine VAITIS, Joe McLEAN, Michelle LoPINTO, Joey VEREEN, Tricia CAUSEY, Keith COLLIER and Burgess GURGANAS…Anniversary wishes to Dorothy and Rodney PRINCE and Jennifer and Garry SPAIN…Thanks Jennifer HULON for always lending and extending a great big helping hand for McLeod Health information…Geri McDaniel preparing for a big event…

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