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Chatterbox May 28

A very, very happy birthday today to Reeves LOWMAN who is loved so much by his family…Lois WATKINS so happy to have her family spend the Memorial Day weekend with her…Grateful appreciation is being extended to Cleo STEELE for her hard work to keep the Republican Club such an important group locally as she is being honored tonight by the Horry County Republican Party at a special event…Welcome to the area for a very special event tonight Lindsey GRAHAM, Tom RICE and Tim SCOTT…Dick BLACKBURN stopping by to chat with the newspaper staff on Memorial Day…Tiffany ANDREWS such an interesting person to talk with about so many subjects…David CASTILLO, Mario AGUILERA and one very special local photographer will be enjoying their ‘day at the beach’ this weekend to celebrate their unique friend Carlos GUERRA’s birthday…An extra special happy birthday being sent to Brian TITUS on Monday from his news friends…Brenda CARUTHERS keeping in touch with beach relatives…Kathleen and Wayne DAYVAULT staying at home during these pandemic days…Barbara COFFEY we miss seeing you…Little River DELI making awesome chicken salad…Lee DOVE entertaining her family during the Memorial Day weekend…Darlene COLLINS offering a helping hand…City manager Mike MAHANEY out and about checking out the city on Memorial Day…Allan WATKINS and son Nicholas stopping by to visit local relative and to show off his beautiful new black and white big boat all wired for lights and music to be entered in the 2020 Christmas Regatta…Congratulations to student-athletes at Francis Marion, Brooke KENNEDY (women’s soccer) of North Myrtle Beach and McClure THOMPSON (golf) of Little River, on earning a high grade average during the spring semester…Millie LAVIN such an efficient and pleasant person…Hello to Rosa and Jim STADICK…Tim PARKS keeping busy at his job getting the papers delivered to their carriers…Troy BARNHILL keeping his yard looking good…RUBEN and ANDREA filling a much needed place helping grandma…Hello to Jacki MAJOR and Billy LONG…Debbie and Felix SERRA keeping busy at Mr. G’s now that the summer season has arrived…Eileen FOX staying close at home these days…Happy birthday to Brian TITUS, Reeves LOWMAN, Phillis NEWMAN, Phyllis GREEN, Jeanne HENDRIX, Tina SCALAFANI, Marie KADAN, Sharon BAKER, Frank BAKER, Penny PITSINGER, Ann HILL, Karen VEREEN, Nicole LANDOSKEY, Carolyn SCABERY, Bryce DEW, Stuart EDGE, Katherine JENERETTE, Barbara McDOWELL and Joey VEREEN…Anniversary wishes to Dorothy and Rodney PRINCE, Jennifer and Garry SPAIN and Barbara and Dr. Rogers WALKER…

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