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Pete BROOKS getting those North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce events out to the public… Christine ZOIS and Larry FISCHER opening Head Butt Hotel in North Myrtle Beach dedicated to providing care and choosing to “Protect the Pets”… Cathy ALTMAN and Margie DOWLING enjoying a delightful Valentine’s Day lunch… Eileen FOX sharing her stories by reading to the wonderful ECOTOTS sponsored by Yaupon Garden Club… Cathy HONEYCUTT such a very dear friend to many… Dick BLACKBURN finally back at home recuperating from a fall he had around Christmas breaking five ribs… Judy CORLEY keeping in touch with beach friends from Georgia… Susan PLATT pulling it all together with a last minute notice… Get well wishes going to David HUCKS and his lovely wife… Mike MAHANEY extending anniversary congratulations…Charlene LYNAM having just the perfect spot for plant… Michelle LoPINTO always working hard to care for the animals… Lynn BELLAMY going the extra mile to help save the Ingram Dunes… LoVe PET CLINIC presenting a Murder Mystery Dinner and Fundraiser at the Brentwood Restaurant and Wine Bistro in Little River on April 2… Thanks to Pat DOWLING for his great help… Pete BROOKS delivering the news on way out of town for the North Myrtle Beach Chamber…Lots of love being sent to wonderful Trish MAHANEY from her friends… Big thanks to Izzy WEST for her late night photo session… Laura FOSTER looking like a little kid playing in the snow in Las Vegas last Sunday… Sharon BLACK saying “hi” while out running errands… Betty MOSES getting a little lift for her house… Tami BLAND checking on the sick and delivering son Tristan’s 27th birthday gift… A great big thanks to a very special granson, REEVES, for the lovely Valentine card and gift sent to
Grandma… Phillip GEORGE off to the beach to do a little shopping… James GAUSE lending a helping hand when really needed and many thanks… Westie VAUGHT finding a little extra cash??? Happy birthday to Bill BENNETT, Emily CRAIG, Ann HEWETT, Virginia BRADLEY, North Myrtle Beach TIMES, Trish MAHANEY, Dan SMITH, Ray SKIDMORE, Rex KEIBLER, Myisha BELLAMY, William FOSTER and Shaina KEIBLER…Anniversary wishes to Lynda and William BOOKER…

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