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Heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE who has worked so hard to help Preserve Ingram Dunes and they still need all the help they can get to bring this project to safety… Legislative Update weekly column by Representative William BAILEY getting a lot of attention… Marc JORDAN out and about early on a rainy Friday morning… Tom McDANIEL taking good care of wife Gerri and making sure she has her morning coffee… So glad you are feeling much better now Debbie HARWELL and please take care of yourself… Special day coming up soon for Kim VEREEN??? Lawrence LANE checking on his buddy Lynn and planning a trip to beach to visit another friend who is sort of under the weather… Eileen FOX still looking and acting “foxy”??? Kathleen and Wayne DAYVAULT always caring about the well being of others and remembering to share their friendship… Cleo STEELE filling in needed information about event… Bernard HARRIS of Florida looking for just the right Long girl who helped him many years ago so he can repay the favor with interest… Congratulations Jessica and Daniel MARTIN on the arrival of your newest bundle of joy GAVIN DANIEL… Friends sending a lot of get well quick wishes to Delores THOMPSON after a stay in the hospital… John BRITTAIN getting answers about Republican headquarters from an expert… William BAILEY making early arrival in Columbia on Tuesday morning for his House of Representative duties… Friends wishing Stacey RANDALL a speedy recovery and everyone misses you… Call “Just Ask Hal” for all your computer repairs and HAL will get it done!!!Thanks to Tom McDANIEL for the delicious homemade soup The Times staff enjoyed on Monday… Tommy SAMAHA helping out with the 2019 Spring to Life Gala which is an awesome project for the Coastline Women’s Center… Dale RIESER doing a good job serving as president of the North Strand Optimist Club for the last two years… Brenda CARUTHERS checking on her North Myrtle Beach family… Renee JONES such a lovely lady who handles the window traffic at Synovus Bank so very well… Friends sending get well wishes to Charlene LYNAM along with a lot of prayers… Happy birthday to Ann HEWETT, Dianne ARRINGTON, David BEASLEY, Beverly POLK, Larry McCASKILL, Terry WHITE, Jeffery VEREEN, Joellyn Burgess GURGANIS, Tina YATES, Lynn BELLAMY, Darryl LEWIS, Gunner HUGGINS, Leslie ELLIOTT, Jennifer PRINCE, Isabella PHELPS, Charlie DIETRICK and Stephanie THOMPSON… Anniversary wishes to Diane and Dick BELL and Maryanne and Don FURCILLO…

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