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Congratulations to Raymond BOSEMAN of Edge Drive for being awarded “The Quilts of Valor” for his military service during the Korean War and the award was made on Monday, March 4, by the Quilts of Valor Foundation at the request of Suzanne Sasser of Embrace Hospice!!! Jean McLAUGHLIN visiting north area last Wednesday morning… JoAnn JOHNSON looking great and enjoying each day… Susan PLATT so very excited about the huge grant awarded to the city to help with the purchase of Ingram Dunes… Tom, Westie and Thomas VAUGHT sending just the perfect Valentine’s Day gift… Joe FLOWERS such an expert at helping groom all pageant contestants to be the very best and reach the top of the competition… Cathy and Dayton ALTMAN on cloud nine about going to be grandparents in August… Russ COURTNEY and Associates doing some land surveying at the former Tilghman Insurance building at Second Avenue North and Highway 17 North… Tim BULLARD sending good morning greetings and reporting snow in Allentown… Helen “Boots” SMITH sending a lot of hugs when they were really needed… Pete BROOKS with the North Myrtle Beach Chamber is getting the event news to the readers… Jennifer REED bringing her beautiful children by for a visit… Ed VAITIS is so very happy spending time with that awesome great-grandson… Charlene LYNAM feeling fine this week after not feeling so good last week… Vicki KEIBLER keeping up with beach happenings and sharing good family news… Eileen FOX showing off her elephant outfit in all the pretty colors??? Sincere congratulations to the staff and volunteers of the LITTLE RIVER CHAMBER of COMMERCE on winning three state awards for the 2018 Blue Crab Festival!!! Joyce THOMAS such a very helpful and caring person… NMB PICKLEBALLERS will celebrate their 10th anniversary with a luncheon and then a celebration at 710 Bowling where awards will be given out… Happy birthday Steve RUMLEY, Richard WOOD, Jo Ellen SELLERS, James ANDERSON, Jerry ANDERSON, Bonnie CAUSEY, Chris JUEL, Wil WELDON and Dallas BERRY… Anniversary wishes to Marilyn and David HATLEY, Wanda and Terry WHITE, Leslie and Rick ELLIOTT and Maryanne and Don FURCILLO…

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