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Kimberly Rudelitch is all smiles when reunited with Max who has been missing nearly two months.

Christmas wishes come to be

Max is a long haired dachshund terrier mix that escaped the back gate of his home in Loris on Monday, Oct. 28, 2019. The Rudelitch family searched for their fur baby and companion for days, for weeks and months with no sign of Max anywhere in the area.

Fliers with a picture of Max were placed in local business windows and on bulletin boards, Kimberly drove through the neighborhood placing fliers on doorsteps hoping to receive a response to her plea to bring Max home.

The last known sighting of Max was at the Ace Hardware parking lot on Main Street. By the time the Rudelitchs reached the parking lot there was no sign of their fur baby.

After nearly two months of searching, never giving up hope, word was that Max may have been found in the Wampee area. The Rudelitchs gathered together and drove to check out the found dog. Yes, indeed, it was Max.

On Wednesday, Dec. 25, a Christmas miracle occurred, Max found his family who loves him, but most of all Emerson, their two year old, and Max are best friends. Reunited on Christmas Day has brought more joy filling the Rudelitch home this year.

Robert works for the Horry County Fire & Rescue and Loris Volunteer Fire Department made the amazing phone call stating that Max was found after so long from home. He said, “We never gave up hope; we felt someone picked him up and was taking care of Max.” Of course they felt Max would return sooner, but are overjoyed at the thought that on the special day for miracles their prayers were answered.

Social media, putting out fliers, animal hospitals, veterinarians and frequently checking the animal shelters is key to helping find a missing pet. Checking with neighbors and word of mouth also helps keep hope alive. It is suggested when a pet is lost or gets loose placing items outdoors that have familiar scents for the pet to pick up on and find their way home; some of the items are the pet’s bed or blanket, clothing that has been worn by the owner. It is said to hang your dirty laundry when a pet is lost or missing so that they can find their way home. Another helpful tool to find a missing pet is to chip your pet.  The Horry County Animal Care Center in Conway has clinics that place chips under the skin for a minimal fee of $15; a fee is charged monthly with an independent company that keeps a database of the microchips placed in pets and helps to locate the owner when taken to a shelter or veterinarian that scans the dog for a chip.

Max got his Christmas wish, to be home with his family happy and warm and what better day than Christmas to be able to come home.

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