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Church donates land to the city

The Loris First Presbyterian Church donated a plot of land to the city of Loris.  The property across from Forest Drive and Milligan Street is overgrown with foliage and trees and has a culvert along side of the property.  The spokesperson for the church stated that they had approached the city to purchase the property when David Stoudemire was mayor, however at the time the city was not interested in purchasing the land.  The land was donated to the church by an individual and they had no purpose for the property and felt the best solution is to donate the plot of land to the city.

With the news this year reporting on the Hydrology Study to assist with the drainage and flooding problems experienced in this area the church felt that the city could use the property to help relieve the resident’s minds by clearing the land and creating an overflow for the water that would otherwise flood the homes at this particular corner.  The city would own the property and not require an easement to or permission to take the backhoes or bush hog to remove the foliage.

Mayor Todd Harrelson announced the donation of the property as he stated out loud that the city could possibly build a dog park or a small park with a bench for residents to enjoy.  He further stated they will figure something to make the property deemed useful.

The church spokesperson stated the property is basically useless for putting a structure on it because when it rains it floods and hopes the donation could help the city with the flooding; whatever use is deemed appropriate they are looking forward to what it does to help the residents of Loris.  Brandon Harrelson, director of water and sewer, can work with the mayor to determine the best use for the property.  The spokesperson also said they are sure the city will have a proper use for the property and looks forward to see what can be done to improve the area.

The next regular city council meeting will be held on Monday, November 4, at the American Legion Hall at 6 p.m.  Residents are encouraged to attend watch how the city decisions and discussions are being presented at the council meetings.

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