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Fireworks at Cherry Grove Pier.

City of North Myrtle Beach cancels 4th of July fireworks

North Myrtle Beach announced on Tuesday the 4th of July fireworks display has been canceled that was scheduled to take place at the Cherry Grove Pier in the Cherry Grove section of the city.

The city said the show was canceled after payment for the event was due early in the COVID-19 pandemic. City officials were unsure when the emergency would be over and how it would affect the city’s revenue.

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  1. Am I the only one who’s skeptical about the fireworks display in Cherry Grove having been cancelled since “early in the COVID-19 pandemic”? I don’t think this was a cautious move based on uncertainty at the virus’s onset. I feel it’s a very current decision based on political pressure. Normalcy must be our goal. Outdoor beach events should NOT be cancelled. We citizens are fully capable of common sense-based decisions involving personal responsibility and COVID safety. South Carolinians are not accustomed to government mandates affecting aspects of our lives that would be better left to each individual’s discretion. Sea breezes, salt air, masks, social distancing between families/groups…there is no legitimate reason to have cancelled the 4th of July fireworks celebration. Seems that our so-called Independence Day has lost much of its independence.

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