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City provides latest information regarding it’s new cutoff policies

By Pat Dowling

The city of North Myrtle Beach is providing the following information to people and businesses regarding water service, business license renewals and accommodations tax and hospitality tax payments:

Water Cut-Offs –

During the COVID-19 emergency, the city will not cut off water service, however, a person or business that has difficulty paying their bill for any reason should be proactive and notify the city as quickly as possible. Even though the city is not cutting off water service, all customers are responsible for what they use. The city may be able to help customers avoid payment problems down the road. Those having difficulty paying their water bill should call 843-280-5550 and select Option #2.

Business License Renewals –

North Myrtle Beach business licenses expire April 30. The city mailed license renewal forms in mid-March. A business must renew its business license to continue operating in the city, however, in the case where a business may not reopen until after the business license due date, the business may wait to renew its license on the date it reopens.The city will waive penalties for late renewals but a business may not operate in the city without a business license.

Local Accommodations Tax and Hospitality Tax Payments –

Businesses must continue to file their Accommodations Tax and Hospitality Tax returns on time. If a business is financially unable to remit payment, the city will work with the business over the next several months on a payment plan without penalties. Businesses that are not able to remit the tax payments should call 843-280-5651 to discuss their business circumstances and set up a payment plan.

“These approaches will help our residents and property owners and the members of our business community manage their way through the COVID-19 emergency,” said North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley. “This approach also helps to ensure city services continue uninterrupted.”

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