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City recognizes Police Chief Gary Buley for August spotlight

Kenya Wright, city clerk and treasurer, announced that in August it was decided to begin an employee spotlight each month.  She said, “What this really does is introduce our employees. We want them to know that we appreciate all that they do and want everyone to know who our employees are and what they do for the city.”  Loris Police Chief Gary Buley was recognized for his dedication to his position and to the city of Loris for the month of August.

Wright began, “In early high school Chief Buley knew that a career as a police officer was in his future.”  She stated while in upstate New York he attended a vocational school and received a two-year certificate for the public safety program.  During this time Buley was able to work for the local police department learning fundamental police work. 

Buley graduated from Tri-Valley Central High School in 2001.  He furthered his career goals by attending Horry-Georgetown Technical College where he received his associates degrees in Criminal Justice and Crime Scene and Investigation.  Chief Buley is currently attending the University of Phoenix to obtain his bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Management.

He began his career as a Military Police Officer in the Army.  He joined the LPD in August 2014; in the five years he has been promoted to sergeant, lieutenant, to interim police chief and promoted to chief of police in September 2018.

Buley has extensive training and has received certifications in Principals of Supervision, Commander School, the 14th Annual LECC/SCLEOA Executive Level training for South Carolina, Chief’s Workshop, Field Training Officer Management, Specific Skills Instructor, D.A.R.E Instructor, Managing the Property and Evidence Room, Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorists Acts Awareness Level (train and trainer), Taser Instructor, Narcotics Enforcement Course 101 and 102, Introduction to Patrol Drug Investigation, Drug Identification, Surveillance Operations Overview, Illicit Trade, Introduction to Highway Rural Drug Investigation Human Trafficking, Narcotics Command and Control Overview, Introduction to Interview and Interrogation, FBI-LEEDA Media and Public Relations, FBI-LEEDA Supervisor Leadership Institute, FBI-LEEDA Command Leadership Institute along with several other certifications.

He will complete the FBI-LEEDA Executive Leadership Institute in October where he will be honored by receiving a Trilogy Award for completion.

Buley said, “I would like to express my gratitude to all council members and Loris residents for having the faith in me by allowing me the opportunity with the Loris Police Department and to make a positive change within the community.”  He further stated, “I want to continue to work with different communities to improve the relationships between the communities and police officers.  My goal is to make a difference and leave a legacy when it is time for me to retire.”

Retirement is nowhere close as Buley speaks of his career and his love of the city of Loris.  Buley humbly accepted the plaque and certificate on Tuesday, Sept. 10.  Buley has an open door policy; his personality draws people to him as an approachable leader.  He has the respect of the police officers who report to him. He is out in the community monitoring the area and willing to wave when he is recognized.  Thank you to Chief Buley for all you do for the city of Loris.

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