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Sport fishing with two salt water rods and reels. Deep sea fishing in the ocean on a sunny blue sky day with fluffy clouds.

City releases saltwater fishing rules

South Carolina law requires any person who fishes in saltwater to first obtain a saltwater fishing license from the state. For online information visit www.dnr.sc.gov.

Additionally, in the city of North Myrtle Beach it is illegal to bait, fish for, catch or otherwise attract sharks in the area of the beach from the shoreline extending seaward for one mile into the Atlantic Ocean or in any saltwater area, including but not limited to inlets, marshes, channels and any portion of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Also, no person may chum for any marine life in those areas.

If you are fishing in saltwater and catch a shark or other marine animal that you reasonably know may pose a danger to swimmers, waders or people otherwise engaged in activities in the above mentioned areas, you must release it at the place where you caught it immediately upon recognizing the catch as a shark or other dangerous marine animal.

If they perceive a danger or hazard to the public, city lifeguards and public safety officers have the authority to tell anyone who is saltwater fishing to stop. Comply with the order until the lifeguard or public safety officer tells you that you may resume fishing. If conditions permit, the lifeguard or public safety officer might offer you an alternate location in which to fish during the time the order to stop fishing in your original location is in effect.

All debris, bait, fish line, hooks and other fishing equipment or tackle must be contained on the beach or any area where saltwater fishing activities occur. Remove the same from the beach or other saltwater fishing area immediately after you stop fishing.

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