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Chris Holmes Construction Company began work on the culvert pipe replacement on Monday, Aug. 26. Darrin Flowers worked the backhoe as Holmes used a shovel pulling out the old pipe that was replaced on Tuesday to help prevent flooding in the neighborhood at Forest Drive.

City replacing old pipe to help prevent flooding

The hydrology study has proven to be helpful in determining what the water and sewer department director, Brandon Harrelson, will focus on to prevent major flooding.  Last year residents on Forest Drive were disillusioned by the devastating flooding and destruction of their properties from the back-to-back hurricanes last September.

This is one of the areas of concern for the city and the recommendations made through the study should bring relief to the residents who live on Forest Drive.  At the regular city council meeting held on Monday, Aug. 5, Brandon Harrelson, director of the public works department, addressed the scheduled replacement of the pipe stating the larger pipe will help release water overflow and should prevent the devastating flooding in the neighborhood.

On Monday, Aug. 26, Chris Holmes with Chris Holmes Construction Company began the process of breaking the pavement and removing the old pipe.  Holmes said, “The existing pipe is 18 inches and we are replacing it with 35 linear feet of pipe with a 24 inch cylinder.”  He also replaced the out of date junction box with a five by five cement box that will last years and not break apart as easily as one that is made from plastic or metal. 

Holmes stated the pipe will have a larger capacity for water to flow to prevent future flooding.  “The junction box acts like a reservoir,” said Holmes. “Once it fills with water the mechanism will release water which will help to prevent the flooding seen in the past.”

Residents have approached Holmes to inquire why they are digging up the road; some thought it was a possible bursted pipe.  Holmes explained and the residents were satisfied.

Much of the information Holmes provided is available by attending a city council meeting on the first Monday of each month at the American Legion Hall beginning at 6 p.m.  September’s council meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 3, due to the Labor Day holiday.

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