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Coyne files for Cherry Grove Council seat

Fred Coyne filed for the seat he now holds on the North Myrtle Beach City Council. He has served the citizens of the city for the past eight years. Coyne siad, “It has been my honor to serve the great people of the city of North Myrtle Beach for the past eight years.

I filed to run for another term as your City Councilman. Over the past eight years, we have worked hard to improve fiscal spending, lower taxes and restore our beaches and the infrastructure of the city. I am excited for the future as we continue to work together to manage our balanced growth, increase public safety, maintain our beaches and roads and preserve the unique attributes of our city that we all love.

“As we move forward, my pledge to you is to focus on the issues that truly impact our residents’ every day lives — ensuring a continuing strong local economy, fighting crime, improving beach access and keeping costs down for our taxpayers by maintaining the lowest property taxes in Horry County.

“I appreciate the trust and confi dence you have placed in me over the last eight years. I would be honored to serve you for another four years as we continue to make this a great place to live, work and play.”

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