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Photo by TPat Johnson Photography Miss Loris Bog-Off Queen Ragan Dennis, left, and Miss Loris Bog-Off Teen Sarah Carroll, right, traveled to Columbia to compete against other South Carolina queen contestants. They returned to Loris a little wiser and are happy to have had the experience.

Dennis, Carroll compete for titles in Columbia

The Miss South Carolina and Miss South Carolina Teen competitions were held in Columbia this past weekend.  Ragan Dennis, Sarah Carroll, Samantha Norris and Jenn Causey traveled to Columbia with the hope of returning with another crown.

Miss Loris Bog-Off Teen, Sarah Carroll, climbed to the top 15 contestants in the pageant.  This is Carroll’s second year attending the Miss South Carolina Teen competition.  In 2018 she was presented as Miss Myrtle Beach, also making the semi-finals.  In the 2019 competition she was listed in the top 15.  Carroll has a beautiful voice and presents herself well in competitions.

Miss Loris Bog-Off Queen, Ragan Dennis, competed in the 2018 Miss South Carolina Teen and this year she competed in the Miss South Carolina Pageant.  She has experience in dance and has tapped her way off the stage at the Miss Loris Bog-Off Pageant in September 2018.

Samantha Norris, executive director at The Loris Chamber of Commerce, explained when the Miss South Carolina Pageant is televised the contestants introduce themselves and what city they hold their title. Only the top 15 are televised with their talent and evening gown attire.

Norris said, “Through this process Ragan learned things about herself as she focused on the positive aspects of the competition.”  She stated that attending the Miss South Carolina Pageant is an experience of a lifetime and will stay with the young ladies throughout their life. She said, “It is a sisterhood of young ladies who encourage one another and help each other throughout the time spent at the pageant.”

Norris and Dennis both would like to thank the local business men and women who took time away from their jobs to work with Dennis in mock interviews to help her prepare for questions that may be presented to her by the judges.  Ezizze Davis-Foxworthy, Jenn Causey, Frank Causey, Darlene Munn and Wendy Baruch met with Dennis a total of four weeks posing questions the judges may ask at the Miss South Carolina Pageant.  Norris said, “Because of all of their help, Ragan was better prepared when she met with the judges.”  These business men and women took time out of their busy schedules to help this young lady be more confident in responding to questions in which Norris and Dennis share their appreciation.

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