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Elderberry syrup home remedies gain popularity

Elderberry syrup has become a popular staple in homes in the Loris area; it is used to help lessen the effects of the flu, a virus, Epstein Barr Virus and much more. Christina Lee Booth, known by friends as Chrissie, has used her family recipe that she has perfected to make elderberry syrup that sells in local businesses by the pint or quart size jars.

The Elderberry flourishes in wetlands and grows deep in swamp areas where no one wants to go. There are snakes, alligators and other critters and creatures living in these areas. However, Christina “Chrissie” and her husband Chris travel the wetlands together to claim the berries. “Chris and I will go through the swamp areas with a four-wheeler,” she says, “there are times when he tells me to stay with the four-wheeler as he walks through waist-deep waters to get to a plant they find.” The trees grow 10 to 12 feet in height and width. She says Chris looks for the trees while he is driving and when he spots them he’s off cutting them down to take home to dry. They enjoy working together as a team to gather the berries that have to be dried and they have thorns where the berry grows on the branches.

Chrissie is a LPN nurse and has studied and researched the benefits of the plant and the making of her homemade syrup. The elderberry has long been used as an herbal remedy for colds, flu and sinus infections. It is important to remember the elderberry syrup does not prevent the flu or a cold; it relieves the symptoms and duration of the virus. Preliminary studies suggest that elderberry extract may offer virus-fighting, immune-stimulating, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Some of the benefits of the elderberry syrup lessens the symptoms and shortens the length of time of a virus or the flu, the elderberry can help prevent or shorten the duration of the symptoms. Other ailments improve through the use of the syrup; it can be used to treat rheumatism, headaches, colds, constipation, urinary and kidney problems, epilepsy, scarlet fever and the measles. The antioxidant in the berry helps to prevent cancer cells from forming, heart health, improve antioxidant status and has a variety of anti-cancer, anti-diabetes and anti-inflammatory effects in a person.

Chrissie stated that when she first began sharing her elderberry syrup with the public that people began to stop by her home to purchase a pint for a family member who was currently suffering with the flu or a cold. She said that strangers began to pull in her driveway all hours of the day and night wanting to purchase the syrup. The word was out that Chrissie had a cure, but as she says, it is not the cure, it is used to lessen the symptoms and time suffering with a virus such as the flu.

She began her company named Carolina Natural Affairs LLC Elderberry Syrup. Local stores in Loris that sell her elderberry syrup are Powers Pharmacy, Cock-a-Doodle-Do Restaurant and Blanton Building Supplies. A purchase of the pint or quart size jars is available at a price the companies selling it have set.

The kitchens she uses are in Myrtle Beach and Cock-a-doodle Restaurant on Highway 701. They both have been government inspected by the health department allowing Chrissie to continue providing the syrup. The right amount of elderberry juice, ginger, cinnamon and local honey brings her recipe readily available to help people to feel better.

She has a large following that began with one person using her old time formula and as the popularity for the syrup grew she began distributing to companies who share Chrissie’s passion for the elderberry syrup. “I prefer that people go to the stores and purchase the elderberry syrup,” says Chrissie, “it is not expensive and the store owners keep the pricing down.”

The elderberry helps fight the flu, reduces cold duration, manages diabetes, promotes mental health, acts as a natural diuretic, supports skin health and reduces inflammation.

The elderberry syrup is not just a fad, not an old wives tale, but a revolutionary charge to the immune system with a recommended dosage for adults as three tablespoons a day and a child three teaspoons a day. When stricken with a cold, virus or the flu it is recommended to take one teaspoon every hour until the symptoms subside.

Some may raise an eyebrow to this remedy; however, Chandler who was stricken by the flu early last week took the recommended dosage and shook off the flu within five days of the start of his symptoms. The old concoctions family would give children with alcohol, honey and weak tea to sooth the symptoms of a virus or a cold and cough can be put away and try the elderberry syrup remedy.

This is a two-part story.

Next week’s article will include the advantages of using the elderberry syrup and elderberry syrup with CBD oil added to it.

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