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Larry Hickman, right, with Paul Prince, left, being honored for 50 years of service.

Farewell to assistant fire chief Larry Hickman

By Annie Rigby

Larry Hickman passed away peacefully at McLeod Florence Hospital on Tuesday, June 2, after a short illness.

Hickman joined the Loris Volunteer Fire Department in 1965 after he moved from Green Sea to Loris. He moved up in rank from firefighter to lieutenant. After Rodney Hardee passed away in 2013 Hickman was promoted to assistant fire chief.

Hickman said, “When I was a teenager my buddies and I would go to fire calls, the department decided to put us on the fire department.” He stated, although the title is assistant fire chief, “We work as a team.” He humbly continued referring to his promotion. “I am not sure it is going to be much different from what I’ve done in the past.”

He was a member of the National Guard, training in Ft. Gordon, Ga., and a station out of Columbia. He said, “I remember being sent to Charleston for nine days to help with traffic control when Martin Luther King was marching there.” He said that it was after the biggest part of the trouble was over. He said he served in the National Guard with Tommy Brogdon and Rodney Hardee and a few others during that time.

Larry Hickman stands in front of the antique fire truck during a 2013 procession for Rodney Hardee.

When Hickman was promoted Mayor David Stoudenmire said, “I think we all know Larry is a dedicated firefighter and will be an asset to Chief Hardee.” He continued, “He is well respected and respectful of the firemen.”

Hickman’s sister will travel to Loris to make the arrangements for his service and remembrance and will let the city know the details once completed.

As the city mourns the loss of a friend it is difficult to say goodbye. Larry has been such a blessing to many Loris residents whether repairing and servicing their appliances or saving lives, a home or a business. Larry had a big heart and a huge sense of humor. Mostly he was respectful of all he did and who he met or worked with. Fare-the-well Larry, fly high with the angels dear friend. Our sincerest condolences go to his family and friends, especially the Loris Volunteer Fire Department for the loss of a brother.

Larry Hickman, lieutenant of the Loris Fire Department, took his duty seriously after the loss of city water works department director Rodney Hardee.

Paul Prince and Lt. Larry Hickman posed in front of the antique fire truck celebrating 50 years of service to the Loris Fire Department.

LFD Assistant Fire Chief Larry Hickman’s warm smile and big heart will be missed in the city of Loris.

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