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Have You Ever Wondered Why Women Love To Shop

First things first. This is true for every person who walks the earth. I know many men and women who would attest to the fact that owning new things makes them happy. Retail therapy is not a textbook theory. It is actually true. When you are depressed or feeling a little down and out, buying something new can work wonders for your soul. It may not last a long time but the effect is pretty magical. One of my friends describes the mood-elevating effect that shopping can have in the best possible terms, “It’s almost as good as having a chocolate-filled, chocolate-covered donut.” Who could disagree?

1. Girls love to explore things

Online shopping and window shopping allow girls to explore various things. They can shop alone or with a friend. They get excited when they see a stylish pair of sandals and even a new, trendy file organizer. Most of the girls love to own new things that attract attention of people around.

2. Girls love to doll up

Outfits, footwear, belts, bags, skincare products, make up products, eye wears and a lot of other items attract women. They like everything that raise their style quotient. Girls give a special place to items which make them look good. One attractive handbag can start the chain reaction! Girls would buy one item that they need and then purchase many other items they can use as luxury. Most girls would purchase a stylish clutch and start searching for a matching purple hued evening gown to go with it.

3. Girls love to shop when they feel happy

Girls would shop after getting an increment at work or even after a long awaited compliment from their mother-in-laws. Girls multiply their joy by indulging in shopping! Do you ever wonder why this is?

4. What do you do when shopping is not fun

My friend Robin Holley loves to shop, I don’t but we always find things that we agree on doing. She loves clothes that draw attention, I prefer to dress down except for the holidays. But we do agree on one thing being with your BFF makes shopping more fun.

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