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Induction into Senior Beta Club held last Friday

Loris High School held their annual Senior Beta Club induction on Friday, Jan. 11, at 8 a.m. Tyneshia Fayall welcomed guests and students to the program. The LHS R.O.T.C. posted the colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Five seniors spoke of the Keys to Success, achievement, character, leadership and service. Marie Hemphill, LHS 2019 Teacher of the Year, introduced Korbin Causey, LHS alumnus class of 2012 and vice president of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, addressed the students congratulating them for the hard work that it takes to achieve a 3.5 – 4.0 GPA.

Dr. Danny McPherson, adviser for the Beta Club, spoke of the challenges and achievements the members experience and gives them opportunities when facing college acceptance applications and scholarships. He led the pledge: “I do solemnly declare that I shall always strive to hold fast the principles of honesty; to endeavor constantly to maintain an honorable reputation at all times; to maintain a creditable scholastic record; to be of service to my teachers and fellowmen; to conduct myself in a manner to reflect credit upon my school and community.”

McPherson announced the induction of the Beta Club members as Richard Crumley, principal, handed the certificate of achievement to each student inducted.

The Senior Class of 2019 are Keyirah Bellamy Madison Carter, Malazia Soles, Gage Smith, Alexis Staub, Quanterria Vick, Cierra Williams and Chukeya Williams.

The Junior Class of 2020 are Gabriel Bellamy, Thomas Benson, Alyssia Crisco, Jalisa Grate, JaReizz Grate and Joanna Hutchison.
The Sophomore Class of 2021 are Anthony Abonza, Gavin Alford, Maggie Barton, Antonia (Toni) Bell, David Bellamy, DaNashia Bennett, Hailey Blanchard, Andrew Brain, Adam Branton, Casey Brown, Sydney Brown, Lilian Canfora, Landon Coleman, Joseph Flesch, Madison Gilbert, Ashlynn Gordon, Brianna Green, Cynthia Hardwick, Julia Huynh, JaMya Jackson, Ridge Kidder, Summer King, Tamisha Lewis, Riann McCauley, Bradley Neely, Logan Newton, Paige Nims, Kolby Norman, Daniel Renshaw, Syndee Rose, Alyssa Tyler, Estrellita Vargas-Argirre and Miricale White.

The Freshman Class of 2022 are Mykhayla Saniyyah Bellamy, John Zachary Benson, Madelyn Grace Faircloth, John Harris, Karlie Hucks, Rachel Jordan, Noah King, Kenzie McCallum, Trent Miller, Ansley Prince, William Kade Rhodes, Connor Roth, Rylie Saffles, Carmen Sanchez, Brooklyn Strickland, Roxy Suggs and Coral Swimm.

One senior, Madison Carter, has strived to maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA. She will graduate this June and continue her education at Coastal Carolina University with a planned major in sports administration.

She says with a degree in the field she will strive for she will be able to work with recruitment in sports. Carter has been an active participant in school sports with cheerleading since middle school and she is on the LHS soccer team. Her mother, Danette Carter, is proud of her daughter’s accomplishments and is looking forward to Madison’s college career choice. Carter’s father, Anthony, works at CCU. With that she will be given a discounted tuition cost each year. She has also earned a scholarship in the amount of $2,500 and with the Beta Club induction she will receive a life scholarship which is determined by her GPA.

A Beta member is a high standing that is earned by maintaining a GPA from 3.5 – 4.0. Applicants must possess “worthy moral and ethical character; exemplary achievement; and commendable attitude”, according to the Constitution of the National Beta Club. Each applicant must complete classes in College Predatory or Honors, AP or a Dual Credit course of study.

Freshmen, sophomore and junior applicants must be taking at least four courses per semester; and during their senior year they must be completing a course load approved by the administration.

Applicants must also meet the following scholastic requirements, freshmen must have an eighth grade average (eighth grade year only) of 90 or higher in core academic courses in English, mathematics, science and social studies and be a member in good standing of the Junior Beta Club at the middle school level. Sophomores, juniors and seniors must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

The applicant must have demonstrated worthy character which in this case is based on their school discipline record, having no infractions of any rules that require a student to have repeated in-school suspensions; no more than one ISS infraction and nothing more than a Level 1 offense within the last twelve months.

Crumley thanked the students for achieving a dream of continued hard work and studying diligently to make the induction to the Beta Club. For the freshman, sophomores and juniors to continue their hard work to make their dreams come true.

As the program ended parents gave their child hugs and congratulations with so many, “I am proud of you”, comments made bringing smiles to the students. Congratulations were extended to all who have achieved their goal.

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