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Kasey Lundeen is a second grade teacher at Waterway Elementary. She is in her seventh year of teaching.

Kasey knew she wanted to be a teacher

By Meg Williams: Kasey Lundeen started her 7th year teaching in 2019 and is a second grade teacher at Waterway Elementary School.

Originally from Hartsville, Kasey graduated from USC-Aiken in 2013 with a BA in Elementary Education and Teaching. She will graduate in May 2020 from Coastal Carolina with a masters in Language, Literacy and Culture.

Married to her husband TJ For two and a half years, they are the proud owners of two dog daughters, Tiki and Betty. When asked who the most influential person was in her life, she was quick to say TJ and also say he was her best friend too. “Every day he loves and encourages me” says Lundeen. TJ believes in her, reminds her to never give up, challenges her and puts a smile on her face every day. What a positive outlook to share with Kasey.

Lundeen says the most rewarding part of teaching is “Seeing that light bulb go off when students get it especially when it takes practice to understand.” Recently, Kasey explained that a student told her how hard it was to learn a certain skill but she practiced and practiced until she got it! Kasey loves working alongside students daily to help them reach their full potential. Her favorite quote is “If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means first attempt in learning.” Great incentive for young learning minds.

Kasey’s hobbies include spending time with family, walking her dogs and reading. No  surprise reading is part of her favorite things to do as her Dad read to her often when she was a child. Her favorite book is “Good Night Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown. He read that book and many others to her and inspired her love of reading and books.

Kasey recognized her desire to want to teach at an early age. She wants  to instill the love of learning to her students as so many of her own teachers did for her.

Kasey considers herself a lifelong learner. Waterway is happy to  have Lundeen to learn from and to be beside her as she learns and contributes to the Waterway Elementary School family.

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