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Loris Fire Department’s Lt. Robert Rudelitch, fire marshal, shows examples of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors which help to save people’s lives. Every home and business needs working fire protection and prevention equipment that saves lives and property. Fire extinguishers that are properly charged do work with a little training. Use these simple rules - pull, aim, squeeze and sweep. It is always best to get out, stay out and have a plan.

Loris Fire Department Spreads Word For Safety

Lt. Robert Rudelitch, Fire Marshal and Training Coordinator, stated the LFD responded to over 1,200 calls in 2018. He said, “As for 2018, it was the busiest year for the Loris Fire Department with over 1,200 calls requiring emergency services.”

The LFD responds to all calls requiring emergency services which include fire, vehicle accidents and medical calls. The report for last year’s responses has not officially been released, though Rudelitch said that report will be available soon.

He stated that the Loris Fire Department has responded to a number of fires since Jan. 1, 2019. The LFD volunteer firefighters have responded to four fires where the structures were saved due to having fire extinguishers readily available. The two homes and two commercial properties had less property damage and loss with no injuries due to the fact fire extinguishers were used.

The LFD encourages all homeowners to maintain working smoke detectors that should be tested semi-annually. The rule for testing and placing new batteries in the smoke detectors is a twice a year plan when daylight saving time changes in March and in October. Rudelitch said it is also important to consider other fire protection equipment in homes and commercial properties that do not have requirements in the fire code. Fire extinguishers are a suggested piece of equipment to keep in the home for small fires that can be put out safely before a fire spreads.

Rudelitch stated if anyone has questions or concerns about fire prevention of their property or to assist in training to call city hall at 843-756-4004 and leave a message. They will return the call. To contact Horry County Fire and Rescue call 843-915-5190. He said the department is working on a training session to help residents who have fire extinguishers learn to use them properly. He said, “Fire extinguishers help to prevent property loss with minimal damage to the home or business, you just need to pull, aim and squeeze.” OSHA provides training for hospitals and commercial manufacturing buildings.

Anyone who is in need of smoke detectors and cannot afford them can complete a form at the City of Loris office located in the Public Safety Building (Police Station) on Walnut Street.

For the elderly they will come to their home and put the new smoke detectors in the home and test it to make sure it works appropriately. This is a program nationwide that provides smoke detectors to people who cannot afford to purchase them.

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