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Loris High School Class of 2020 graduates Ashton and Alexandra Norman. Photo by Jason Guion-Brooks

Loris High School Class of 2020 graduates at Heniford Field

By Annie Rigby

Both Ashton and Alexandra are filled with emotions to end one instrumental chapter in their lives and are excited for their new beginnings to attend college in the fall. Congratulations to the Loris High School Class of 2020.

Closing all South Carolina public schools began on March 15 with an undetermined date to return to a normal schedule. For the Class of 2020 online school, it was missing stepping stones of their senior year and to accept the new normal of attending schools and missing activities.

LHS seniors have been recognized with a banner filled with 214 names of all seniors, cruise night, senior night at the school watching a slideshow from their vehicles and then the special moment of graduating with their classmates.

The seniors voices were heard by the Horry County District Board of directors for their desire to be with the class in a graduation ceremony and not be remembered with a virtual graduation online.

Many special moments and memories have been made possible through a Facebook page, “Adopt a Loris Lion Senior 2020”, created by Shirley Bellamy that went viral with residents, family, teachers and staff adopting a senior to recognize and provide a gift basket filled with goodies, gift cards, cash, balloons and more and a Facebook post asking to help the seniors feel special.

Adopt a Loris Lion Senior 2020 baskets of goodies were given to two seniors. Left to right are Trinity Jacobs, Mara Mazie Henderson and Aukievia Livingston.

The city of Loris, The Loris Chamber of Commerce, Kaitlyn Courtney as Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Teen, local businesses and the residents of Loris have participated in events made special for the LHS seniors.

This graduation will be a memory like no other, during a COVID-19 pandemic with guidelines created to keep the students and staff safe not understanding the disease and its effects. Seniors will have a story to tell their grandchildren and look back on the spring of 2020 as a time that they missed the prom, senior night and other milestones.

The memory of how they felt walking up to the LHS staff to receive their diploma will be heartfelt for their lifetime. This is a time they will be able to share with their grandchildren in a positive light. Best wishes to the LHS 2020 graduates.

Ashton and Alexandra Norman graduated with their class on Tuesday, June 2, at Heniford Field. Beginning at 9 a.m. the Loris High School Class of 2020 filed onto the field while social distancing and wearing face masks to graduate with their classmates. Photo by Jason Guion-Brooks

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