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The sixth grade class listens to the speakers share their career choices. Elizabeth Clark with Shoreline Behavioral Health interacted with the students asking questions about drinking, drugs and other addictions. The students’ responses to the questions were quite impressive.

Loris Middle School holds annual Career Day

Loris Middle School (LMS) held their annual Career Day on Thursday, March 5, in the school auditorium beginning at 9 a.m.

Loris Middle School Career Day was filled with many great professionals who provided their education, career choice and profession, sharing their passion for what they chose as a career.

Gloria Alderman has been a guidance counselor at LMS and Blackwater Middle School for three years at both schools and with the Horry County School District. She said, “We have Career Day every year at the school;” she continued, “We want to expose the students to different careers that they might find interesting, have people available to answer questions on what they might like to do;” she continued, “and to fulfill part of our requirement for the school district.” She stated as part of guidance, we want students to be able and ready to work. Career day is just part of that. Alderman said, “The volunteers speak and share their professions, education and experiences with sixth grade to eighth grade students.”

The sixth grade classes listened to presentations from Elizabeth Clark of Shoreline Behavioral Health Services; Annie Rigby with the Loris Times; Todd Harrelson, the mayor of Loris and also owner of Southern Timberland; the director of Sea Haven, Curtis Joe, Lt. Colonial James Davis; Miracle Raven with Clemson Extension; Jim Shelton with DNR; City of Loris Police Department; Ana Maria Lavado with Coastal Carolina University. 

Volunteers who shared their careers with the seventh graders were Cristel Bell with WMBF; Jessica Nettles at Horry Georgetown Technical College; Star Goodwin, CRNA, with Loris McLeod; Dr. Hartman at Loris Animal Hospital; PIA Jason Mongan; Theodore Jackson of CERRA; Adam Dellinger of Iheart Radio/Gator 107.9; Amy Hubbard with Ripley’s Aquarium; Horry County Sheriff K-9 Unit; Horry County Fire and Rescue Department and Santee Cooper spokesperson.

J.R.R.O.T.C. Senior Army Instructor at Horry County Schools, Jim McLean; Medieval Times; Pam Harrelson with Palmetto Coastal Homes; Amy Brauner of the American Red Cross; Ezizze Davis Foxworth attorney at law; Myrtle Beach International Airport; a representative with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans;, PALMS; Santee Cooper, Horry County Public Works; Horry County Police Department and New South Lumber.

Students filled the auditorium as the volunteers spoke about their history, their job description and special talents in the career choice. The students interacted with the speaker either answering questions or asking questions to help them to understand what path they should follow to obtain their dream job once they graduate high school and college.  Some positions do not require college degrees, but might require specific training for the job.  The first responders do not require a degree however for the police departments they will attend academy training school for new recruits also known as law enforcement academy. They participate in classroom and practical instruction.  They will learn state laws, criminal investigations, patrol procedures, firearms training, traffic control, defensive driving, self-defense, first aid and computer skills. The length of time required to complete academy training averages about 12 weeks of training. Upon graduation a uniform is on a probationary period approximately two years before considered fully trained.. A question posed is that not everyone is, can or should be a police officer; a day in the life of a police officer can be difficult and full of heartache and should not be entered into lightly. On average salary for an officer is $43,000 per year.

In South Carolina the middle school students take the free personality testing to determine the 4-letter personality type. Some example questions asked are, 1. You think that everything in the world is relative with a choice of answers from yes to no to uncertain.  2. When making a decision, you rely more on feelings than analysis of the situation.  3. You can easily empathize with the concerns of other people. 4. When with a group of people you enjoy being directly involved and being at the center of attention.  Once the 64 questions are answered the student’s responses are analyzed and determine what career choice is best suited for them. One student received their analysis stating they are best suited for a peace officer, first responder, lawyer and surgeon. The unidentified student stated they have wanted to join the military and become a surgeon/medic; one reason they chose this profession is that the science teacher stated that they were precise in their dissecting a pig in class. With the assurance from the science teacher, the goal has been set to attend the Academy for Technology and Academics to enroll in their pre-med classes. This test gives the counselor of the school, the parents and the student options for a career after they receive their diploma what direction to take to follow what they are best suited to do.

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