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My Trip to Myrtle Beach

Story By Jr Journalist Madison Brown

My trip to Myrtle Beach was awesome. It was my first time staying at my grandparents by myself, and I stayed for two whole weeks!

 Saturday we met at a Huddle House and me and my luggage switched to my grandparents’ car. When we got to South Carolina from Georgia I unpacked and got use to the house.

 Sunday we went to the pool. As my dramatic self, I put my hair up in a swimming cap because I didn’t want to ruin my dyed hair which I had a blue streak put in afterwards getting my new nickname Baby Shark.

 My favorite part of the pool that day was when my Gaga (grandma) was the crab and I rode on my papa’s back so we could run away from the crab (gaga). After that we watched the movie Superman.

Monday we went to Broadway at The Beach. We went to Wonder Works (the upside down house). There were some really fun rides we rode on and we learned all about planets and more!

 My favorite ride I rode on was the bicycle where me and Gaga had to pedal and try to go upside down. After the upside down house we checked out It’s Sugar. It was a big candy store full of yummy treats, with many different kinds of candy that you wouldn’t find at a grocery store.

Tuesday, I went to a pool party at Mrs. Robin’s house. I got into the pool, afterwards we all ate hamburgers and hotdogs and last me, Gaga and Mrs. Gerri helped Mrs. Robin fold clothes (so many) and sort makeup. I got some shoes, a makeup bag and white eye shadow from the process. It was surprisingly fun!

 Wednesday, we met with Mrs. Gerri and first dropped the Mrs Lois car off to get an oil change, then, we went to eat and I got this really delicious gyro.

Last we went shopping with Mrs. Gerri and we went to Mrs. Lois Watkins’ house where she had just moved in and was decorating. Mrs. Lois is Mrs. Polly’s sister who owns the North Myrtle Beach Times newspaper.

Thursday, we went to Broadway (again) but this time we went to the movies and watched Secret Life of Pets 2. It was so good; I even think it was better than the first one. Then we went to It’s Sugar and I got a huge marshmallow that looks like a lollipop and toxic waste.

Friday, we went to Crabby Mike’s and I ate so much crab, Yum. That day we watched the end of Superman and started Superman 2.

Saturday we went to Barefoot Landing and we stopped at a mineral shop and I got three really cool rock bracelets. After that I went on a big rope course, which was extremely high and it was so much fun. After the rope course we went in the arcade and I had a blast. The other days were rainy so we roasted marshmallows over the stove and we played SORRY, the board game. The final overall score was Gaga:3; Me:1; Papa:0 .

That was my amazing trip to Myrtle Beach. Can’t wait to come back next year.

P.S. I think when I grow up I would like to be a Journalist for the  North Myrtle Beach Times.

Madison Brown

Jr. Journalist.

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