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L. C. Riggins, right, stops by for an order of chitlins and rice and meets Frank Bellamy, owner and operator of Frank’s Food on Wheels.

New food truck offers home cooking

Food trucks have gained popularity in the last few years and Loris has a new vendor providing good old home cooking for residents.

Frank’s Food on Wheels, owned and operated by Frank Bellamy, has been operating his food truck for six months in Loris.

Bellamy, who is a resident of Loris, retired from a long time career. He thought it would benefit him to keep busy and residents of the area to get some good food on the go. He calls the business Frank’s Food on Wheels, offering hamburgers any way you like it, with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise or all the way with mustard, chili and onions. He says, “Anyway anyone likes to eat their burgers we can make it for them.” He also offers dinner plates of a meat and two vegetables.

This week’s special to order is chitlins with rice and gravy. Lines formed as the orders were made with happy customers. L.C. Riggins, who lives nearby, stopped to purchase a couple of plates to take home. “This is my first time coming to Frank’s,” said Riggins. “I thought I would try it. I heard about the chitlins and came down to get an order.”

Everything offered is home cooked with love and seasonings. His menu consists of pork chop, chicken, fish and sausage sandwiches served with fries; sandwiches have a choice of breads, bun, white or whole wheat bread. His dinner plates consist of chicken, pork chop, turkey wing and fish dinners with a choice of two vegetables; the fish offered are flounder, whiting and spots. He has chicken tenders with fries for children. And of course chitlins which he refers to as a chitterling bowl with rice. Each day he has a pot of chicken bog. His vegetables consist of green beans, field peas, corn and during the summer months fresh vegetables from local gardeners. He offers Pepsi and Coca-Cola products and water.

His location is at Maple Street and Broad Street and is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Bellamy said that they deliver, with an order of $10 or more, a hot meal will be delivered to homes or businesses in Loris at no extra charge.

As a new business, Bellamy has plans to put out tables and chairs for people to sit in the shade during the spring and summer to enjoy a hot meal. For now he offers the porch on the truck to sit down to eat.

“We have fresh food,” says Bellamy, “everything is cooked to order.” The meats he serves can be cooked deep fried, pan fried or baked, as he says there is something here for everyone. He offers a smile and happy banter when customers come. He enjoys meeting new people.

There are other ideas floating in Bellamy’s head, hoping to make homemade funnel cakes with toppings for special occasions. He wants to create an atmosphere of feeling at home with his dinner plates and the feeling of being on a picnic with a hot dog or hamburger. He is open to suggestions and new possibilities to help his business grow.

Frank’s Food Truck on Wheels has a grade A rating, a permit with the city, the Health Department and DHEC inspected. To place an order to go call 843-877-9547 or his personal cell phone at 843-247-8909.

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