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Little Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival and Photogenic winner Charli Branton selected a white gown with bottom lace as her gown attire. After gracefully walking across the stage presenting herself to the judges, no one was aware that the underskirt of her dress was hooked on her shoe. Branton was upset after walking off stage feeling that she messed up because of the incident. Nothing prepared her for the win.

New queens will represent city at 2020 events

The Loris Chamber of Commerce presented the Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Pageant on Saturday, Sept. 28, at the Loris High School auditorium beginning at 1 p.m.

The emcees for the pageant were Greg and Morina Martin.  Greg welcomed everyone to the pageant then turned the program over to Morina.  She introduced the judges giving a brief history of each one.  Greg introduced each contestant, and Morina presented the question to the future queens.

The judges were Joyce Waxter from Springdale; Polly Green who is quoted as saying, “Wear your invisible crowns every day.”; and Abigale Smoona, the reigning Miss South Carolina Teen 2019.

The pageant began with twenty-four contestants who paraded across the stage wearing their outfit of choice and pageant gowns.  Five babies vied for the spot of Baby Miss; three toddlers presented for the Mini Miss; three contestants for Wee Miss; three for Tiny Miss; three for Little Miss; two for Junior Miss; two for Young Miss, two vied for Miss Teen and one for the Miss Bog-Off Queen.  

The talent portion presented interpretive dance or a solo with a musical background. Additional entertainment provided by Sarah Carroll was a solo of How Great Thou Art and Ashlyn Buck presented an interpretive dance.

The determination of selecting a queen is based on presentation, talent and questions presented to the contestants.  The talent and questions are for the older contestants for Miss Teen and Miss Loris Bog-Off Queen.

The 2020 winners are: Baby Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival and Photogenic Winner Blayk Branton; Wee Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Maci Jo Floyd; Mini Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Caroline Todd; Tiny Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Wyatt Owens; Little Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival and Photogenic Winner Charli Branton; Young Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Carolinah Carroll; Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Ambassadorial Lili Johnson; Junior Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Katelyn Harrell; Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Teen Kaitlyn Courtney and Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival and Overall Talent Winner Logan Knutson.

The 2019 queens who reigned throughout the year appeared at public events and the 39th Annual Loris Bog-Off Festival and participated in the first Heritage Festival in Loris.  Wearing their crowns and gowns they made their farewell walk across the stage, Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Ambassadors Ava Allen and Madison Cratenuto; Baby Miss Charly Reese Gerrald; Mini Miss Mallory Grace Strickland; Tiny Miss Savannah Skaggs; Junior Miss Ashlyn Buck, Young Miss Maddie Faircloth; Miss Teen Sarah Carroll and Miss Loris Queen Raganlynn Dennis.  After their walk they helped to place the sashes and crowns on the 2020 queens.

Kaitlyn Courtney and Logan Knutson will prepare for the Miss South Carolina Pageant to be held in June 2020.  Samantha Norris, executive director for the Loris Chamber of Commerce, and a team will assist the two young ladies to present the best of themselves at the pageant.  Knutson receives a $500 cash scholarship, $400 state entry fee by Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Scholarship Pageant Committee, gift certificates from Foxy Lady and Ash and T’s Formal and a crown box courtesy of Happy Crown.  Miss Teen receives $250 State entry fee paid by the Miss Loris Bog-Off Festival Scholarship Pageant Committee, gift certificates from Foxy Lady and Ash and T’s Formals and a crown box from Happy Crown.

The chamber thanked the 2019 queens and parents, Foxy Lady, Ash and T’s Formals, Happy Crown and Ava and Tina Norris from Coastal Performing Arts Center for their help and contributions.

Join in the fun and meet the 2020 queens who will represent the city of Loris at the 40th Annual Loris Bog-Off Festival to be held on Saturday, Oct. 19, beginning at 9 a.m.  Keep an eye on the chamber’s Facebook page for upcoming events and updates.

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